KUCHING, 26 September 2023: Sarawak is blessed with more than 124,450 square kilometres of mountainous scapes and forestry, offering amazing opportunities to explore national parks for travellers who would like to enjoy a relaxed retreat and make the most of their time with nature during their time in Sarawak.

The land of hornbills hosts one of the four Malaysian UNESCO heritage sites, Gunung Mulu National Park in Miri. One highly recommended activity is the boat ride through the Clearwater Cave and the Deer Cave of the approximately 60-million-year-old park. 

As the most studied tropical area in the world, which is incredibly wealthy in biodiversity, visitors encounter Sarawak’s iconic bat exodus and other incredible flora and fauna around the area. This park also houses The Sarawak Chamber, the largest known cave chamber in the world. With the hot weather, we suggest travellers consider dividing their exploration over two to three days. The various accommodations available within the vicinity make it extremely convenient for guests to make reservations, with options ranging from a five-star hotel to authentic longhouse experiences offered by the locals.

Niah National Park

Another park you can trek through in Miri is Niah National Park, which has been labelled as one of the world’s most significant archaeological sites. This national park was nominated for UNESCO World Heritage Site on 30 January 2023, with the results expected to be announced in 2024. This park has the backstory of being the regional birthplace of civilisation and the discovery site for the most dated human remains in Southeast Asia. When you visit this treasured heritage, be sure to allocate some time for the Niah Cave Complex to see ancient artefacts preserved for over 50,000 years and the evolution of the relationship between humans and its lush rainforest. You would also get close-up views of cave paintings and the archaic wooden boat-shaped coffins Niah’s prehistoric inhabitants left behind.

Sarawak Delta Geo Park

If you are touring through the southwest regions of Sarawak, take a chance to roam through the Sarawak Delta Geo Park, the sixth national Geopark under the National Geopark Development Programme. The alluring nature of this Geopark sees it under consideration to receive a nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 2025. You will surely be entertained as the park has attractions spanning Kuching, Siburan, Bau and Padawan. There is no need to rush as you observe the various architectural heritage, musical instruments, weapons and food that Sarawak’s current multicultural society has nurtured. Have a small road trip around the grounds of the Geopark to attractions such as gushing waterfalls, wildlife centres, mountains, caves and beaches. Visitors can also anticipate the sightings of Bornean endemic creatures such as orangutans, proboscis monkeys and fairy rock geckos at some of these stops.

You will find countless destinations around the Geopark, but here is a list we believe you should include in your route. For locations such as beaches, waterfalls and chances of encountering the seasonal bloom of the Rafflesia, you should visit Santubong National Park, Kubah National Park and Gunung Gading National Park. If you have the intention to have animals as your main focus, there are several wildlife centres spread out around the Geopark, such as Matang Wildlife Centre, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Talang Satang National Park, and Borneo Happy Farm. You can also visit educational centres such as the museums of Sarawak Cultural Village and Borneo Tribe Village or Borneo Cultures Museum, the second largest museum in Southeast Asia. However, if you are looking for a one-stop for all of these features, our best recommendation would be the Bako National Park.

Sarawak has much to offer, especially for those who find comfort amongst serene nature. The state consistently preserves and sustains natural habitats of national importance and value. You can lend a hand now in the mission to protect the unique flora and fauna of Sarawak by helping Niah National Park reach its petition goal at https://campaign.niahnationalpark.my/ or discover other national parks around the state at https://sarawaktourism.com/

(Source: Sarawak Tourism Board)


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