BANGKOK, 28 November 2022: Centara Hotels & Resorts (SET: CENTEL) has been awarded Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) status for the fifth consecutive year by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in recognition of its outstanding performance across Environmental, Social and Governance aspects.

CENTEL was also named the recipient of the Outstanding Investor Relations Award for the third year, further solidifying Centara’s reputation of care for its employees, guests, and investors.

The annual THSI designation recognises companies for their efforts towards sustainability while also meeting investors’ increasing demands for relevant insight and information for use in responsible investment decision-making.

According to SET president Pakorn Peetathawatchai, this year’s 170 THSI-listed companies had a focus on sustainable practices within business operations, as well as a significant development in transparency with regard to disclosing environmental and social information, including the sharing of policies, targets, efficiencies and performance as they relate to water and waste management, energy efficiency, resource management, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“At Centara, we are deeply committed to sustainability. We believe that incorporating ESG principles into our everyday business operations not only protects our environment for future generations but also drives innovation and increases our competitiveness at a global level resulting in long-term returns for our stakeholders and invaluable benefits for our guests and local communities,” said Centara Hotels and Resorts chief executive officer Thirayuth Chirathivat.

With environmental, social and innovation initiatives dating back to 2008, Centara Hotels & Resorts has demonstrated a long-held commitment to adopting company-wide sustainable practices, operational innovations and supply chain management efficiencies. On the path to reaching its financial goals and following good governance business practices, Centara continues to look for ways to create a positive social impact and reduce its environmental footprint while fostering innovation to sustain its competitiveness within the industry.

Last year, Centara EarthCare achieved “GSTC-Recognized Standard status” from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, making Centara Hotels & Resorts the first Asian hospitality group to formally incorporate the GSTC Criteria in its internal sustainability standard.

As part of the group’s goals for a greener future is a roadmap to reduce energy and water usage by 20% within 10 years, as well as significantly reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

By 2025, Centara aims to have all of its properties certified as sustainable by accredited certification bodies as a key element of the organisation’s long-term sustainability objectives.

Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) was created in 2015 to recognise companies that adopt ESG principles in responsible and sustainable business management to create a positive impact on the Kingdom. Centara earned THSI designation for the first time in 2018. This year, Centara has been selected as one of 157 SET-listed companies and 13 main-listed companies that incorporate a high level of ESG practices to build strong, stable and sustainable growth with a responsibility for stakeholders that supports the SET’s vision “To Make the Capital Market ‘Work’ for Everyone”.

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