Langkawi unveils new tagline

LANGKAWI, 8 September 2022: Langkawi Development Authority unveiled its new domestic slogan ‘Langkawi Best Wey’ * with a supporting video during last week’s MATTA Fair in Kuala Lumpur. (Report updated 12 September; see footnote).

LADA’s chief executive officer YBrs Tuan Nasaruddin bin Abdul Muttalib, led the launch ceremony held at the Putra World Trade Centre. More than 30,000 visitors toured the three-day fair checking holiday options, with Langkawi as the fair’s signature destination.

LADA chief executive officer YBrs Tuan Nasaruddin bin Abdul Muttalib presided over the official “Best Wey” launch.

The brand new three-minute video posted on LADA’s YouTube account takes its cue from the tagline introducing authentic travel experiences that make the island destination one of the most popular among both domestic and international visitors. The video pans over pristine beaches to share glimpses of countless adventure options, natural attractions and party venues.

In the video’s introduction, LADA says the new tagline, “Langkawi Best Wey”, truly captures the essence of the island.

LADA calls ‘Langkawi Best Wey’ the “latest, fashionable tagline selected to promote Langkawi as it aligns with modern times and targets the younger generation. The more dynamic and catchy tagline will appeal to the Gen Zs and Millennials’ wanderlust spirit and entice them to visit beautiful Langkawi.”

It doesn’t tell you how the creative branding team conjured up the word “Wey”. Is it a magical Malay word that hasn’t made it to the dictionaries? The closest English dictionaries come to casting light on its meaning is a reference to a redundant weight measure used in the British empire colonial era.

It leaves us speculating that Wey is freshly minted ‘cool’ slang coined by Generation Z influencers to charm Malaysia’s independently wealthy youngsters. LADA has us guessing. Perhaps that is the intention of the slogan – wind us up with a Wey until we shout Wow.

That leaves us with a passing mention from LADA during the recent MATTA Fair in Kuala Lumpur during the launch of the new tagline. “This more dynamic and interesting slogan will hopefully raise the travelling spirit among Gen Z and Millennials to visit Langkawi.”

They may well travel in their droves to find out just what “Best Wey” is all about. It’s tempting and possibly even a tease. Still, at the moment of discovery, when they check out Langkawi’s beaches and outstanding beauty, Millennials are likely to declare a resounding Wow at the top of their voices! Then Langkawi will say ‘Wey’ works.

  • * Editor’s note: We reckon ‘Wey’ possibly means Buddy (internet slang).

12 September 2020 Update: LADA responded with an explanation: “Basically, Wey is just a local word, local slang to show the greatest feeling when someone is satisfied with the product or service. It is common in Malaysia to use local (dialect) words; Langkawi Best Wey…means ‘really the best’ in this domestic campaign.”

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