Hahalolo hopes for Asia network

SINGAPORE, 30 August 2022: Hahalolo, a travel social networking application, plans to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific and Africa by the end of the year.

Hahalolo has introduced plans to expand during the last quarter of 2022 in popular travel markets such as India, Indonesia, and Vietnam in the Asia Pacific. It is also planning to extend its cover to Africa to reach 25 million users by December 2022.

Hahalolo announced it would celebrate the grand opening of its India branch office on 29 August. The US headquarters will also be upgraded and relaunched in November.

The Covid pandemic has affected the global tourism industry, forcing businesses to change their models to overcome difficulties. Hahalolo delivers an online travel agency (OTA) application linked to a social network that creates an effective platform to promote cultural destinations while helping businesses increase revenue and approach travel customers directly.

Launched in 2019, Hahalolo supports tourism business growth in 192 countries and territories despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Partnering with thousands of travel agencies, hotels, and hundreds of airlines worldwide, Hahalolo has all the features of an online travel agency plus the advantages of a  social network that help users quickly book travel services and share their experiences on their pages.

Hahalolo creates opportunities for users to earn money by posting high-quality content on their pages or participating in affiliate marketing programmes when booking flights, hotels and tours.

Hahalolo USA claims to have attracted nearly 10 million users within two years. However, the rate of active users would be higher when the coin mining feature is launched on the platform. New users will receive coins equivalent to USD10 after registering. 

(Source: Bernama)


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