Emirates offers tips to smooth travel

DUBAI, 4 July 2022: Emirates has invested in multiple smart tech developments to ensure seamless travel ahead of the peak travel period of Eid and Dubai school holidays from 8 July onwards.

Advising passengers to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight departure and ensure they have all the required documents for their destination, there are several ways to further enhance the travel experience and avoid delays;

1. Use the Emirates App

Download the Emirates App to have travel plans conveniently at your fingertips. The app allows users to book and change flights, download a digital boarding pass, pre-plan meals, book chauffeur drive service and even pre-select and plan movies to watch via the ice inflight entertainment.

2. Check the COVID-19 travel requirements in advance

Emirates recommends passengers arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight, so there’s time for any extra health and safety checks. Face masks are required for flights. The travel requirements for various countries frequently change, so passengers are advised to check the COVID‑19 test requirements and the health documents needed for travel to Dubai and all Emirates’ current worldwide destinations.

3. Sign Up for WhatsApp Covid-19 Travel support

Travellers in Dubai can get the latest travel requirements on WhatsApp for popular destinations. This is the latest information that the customer service team have and is updated daily.

4. Remote Emirates City Check-in in Ajman

Those travelling from the northern emirates can take advantage of a 24‑hour City Check‑in at Ajman Central Bus Terminal and check in up to 4 hours before the flight departs, present health documents, check-in baggage and collect boarding passes. Travellers can then buy a bus ticket for AED 20 and head directly to Emirates Terminal 3, with regular bus departures throughout the day from 0400 to 2330. Upon arrival at the airport, travellers can simply continue through to their flight.

5. Check-in Online

Travellers can check in online 48 hours ahead of their flight using the online check-in option on www.emirates.com.

It’s also possible to select a seat and preferred meal and take advantage of any last-minute upgrade options. At the airport, it’s easy to drop bags at the dedicated baggage drop desks and download a digital boarding pass to use at most international airports.

6. Drop luggage the night before travel

If you are departing from Dubai, you can check in early and drop off your bags at the airport 24 hours before departure or 12 hours before departure if you’re flying to the US or Tel Aviv, and then arrive at the airport and proceed directly to immigration.

 7. Home check-in Service

Emirates home check-in is an Emirates service available in Dubai and Sharjah, fulfilled by DUBZ. DUBZ agents complete the check-in process in your home, hotel or office and take your bags to the flight while you enjoy the rest of your day and breeze through the airport later. Book and pay for the service at least 24 hours before your flight, and you may proceed to the check-in counter up to six hours before your flight departs. When you book First Class, the home check-in service will be complimentary.

8. Self Check-in kiosks at the airport

A quick and easy option at the airport is the self-check-in kiosks. Travellers can follow the steps on the touchscreen kiosk and complete the check-in process or operate the kiosk without touch using a mobile phone. It’s possible to view your itinerary, choose your seat and add your Emirates Skywards number at the same time and if you’ve already checked in online, there is also an option to use the baggage drop area to check in your bags.

 9. Take Advantage of the Biometric Path

The Smart Tunnel is a world-first for passport control, whereby passengers simply walk through a tunnel and are cleared by immigration authorities without human intervention or the need for a physical passport stamp. All it takes to register is a quick photo at check-in to capture facial data. Travellers can check-in at the airline counter, clear immigration, access the airport lounge (only one of our lounges in Concourse B) and board flights at selected gates purely by facial recognition or using a boarding pass.

10. Use Smart gates

Register to use the Smart Gates at Emirates Terminal 3 and speed through immigration every time when you return to Dubai. If you’re a UAE citizen or resident, you can use your passport, boarding pass or a valid UAE ID. Smart Gates can also be used by GCC nationals or a visa-on-arrival visitor with a biometric passport. For more information, visit https://www.emirates.com/ae/english/experience/contactless-journey/

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