Squeaky clean car rides beat Covid scares

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 December 2021: AirAsia ride and Trapo team up to provide a safe, hygienic and convenient travel experience on the ground when passengers book land transport.

AirAsia reports a significant uptick in travellers on flights to Langkawi Island under the travel bubble scheme that was launched in September. Guests and merchants alike in Langkawi are significantly benefiting from the all-time high pent-up demand for air travel.

But with the resumption of flights, other concerns are emerging as travellers plan beyond the flight to ground services.  How do travellers explore the island in the most convenient way and save money at the same time?

New player AirAsia Ride that was launched last August, is the new ride-hailing platform that provides safe solutions to transfer from the airport to their final destinations. AirAsia Ride is bundled into the airline’s single super-app, so as soon as guests land at Langkawi International Airport. Passengers can book a ride to their hotels or destinations by using AirAsia ride on the AirAsia Super App.

AirAsia Ride makes sure that all their drivers are fully vaccinated and also subsidises Covid-19 self-test kits for the drivers, which will enable them to perform the test if needed. Drivers are also required to adhere to strict SOPs, such as always having a face mask on, a MySejahtera QR code for each vehicle, and carrying out regular sanitation to ensure cars are always in the best condition for passengers.

In the latest move to improve safety on the ground AirAsia Ride is collaborating with Trapo, a leading local automotive accessories brand, to add new hygiene features to cars for a better passenger experience.

Airasia ride CEO Lim Chiew Shan explains: “Our commitment is to provide guests with affordable, safe, and efficient car rides that will give them ease of mind, especially when travelling with loved ones.”

Introducing Trapo Rides on AirAsia ride passengers can find a special “Trapo Rides” option when they book their next ride that includes new hygiene features.

Trapo Asia’s team installs a Nano Pro Coating technology in cars that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses while also eliminating and preventing bad odour from lingering in the car. Each driver is also given an Oxtra Handheld Vacuum V2 for them to easily clean their cars regularly.”

“We are happy to work together with Trapo to provide our passengers with great features that signify the AirAsia DNA – providing great value and safest journeys in the skies and now on the roads as well,” added Lim.

AirAsia ride is available in the Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh, Seremban, Malacca and Johor, apart from Langkawi.


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