New campaign Come Play with Korea takes off

SEOUL, 26 November 2021: The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Hee Hwang and the Korea Tourism Organization president Young-bae Ahn launched a new campaign, ‘Come Play with Korea, K-VIBE FESTA’, using the metaverse platform on an extended reality (XR) to provide a new travelling experience to Korea before visiting in person.

Korea has gained more attention since the launch of the “Feel the Rhythm of Korea” series last year with songs such as “Tiger is Coming Down”.

As part of the campaign, KTO introduces Korea’s diverse attractions with ‘K-Travelog’, the Korean virtual travel experience platform, and provides the ‘K-VIBE in ZEPETO’ programme that connects 3D avatars to Korea’s representative tourist destination Gyeongju. In addition, a ‘K-VIBE CONCERT’ with top K-pop artists will be held with Korean local attractions (K-Local) implemented on XR in the background to display the charms of Korea.

Through K-Travelog, KTO provides a chance to experience Korea indirectly with a personalised itinerary. Various attractions and eateries in cities across the country, including Busan, Andong, Gyeongju, Daegu, Yangyang, Seoul and more, will be featured on its official website (, which opened 16 November 2021. Users can make a travel itinerary and plan their next dream trip to Korea.

Korea Tourism Organisation will use the images of the campaign participant to create a travel video, which will be given to the participant as a gift. Through the video, participants can feel as if they were actually in Korea. 

(Source: Business Wire)