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Phuket’s message: Welcome Back Home


PHUKET, 25 June 2021: Tourism eyes worldwide focus on a resort island in Thailand due to reopen for vaccinated travellers under the banner Phuket Sandbox.

A key emerging storyline from the island’s frenzied runaway to 1 July has been the remarkable cross-sector partnerships that have become a true catalyst of change.

Phuket’s private sector has massively rallied in the final days leading up to the Sandbox in support of its greatest asset, its people. The island’s rich cultural tapestry is the theme of the newly launched Welcome Back Home hospitality community collaboration.

One key working part of Thailand’s Sandbox scheme has been to achieve the vaccination baseline of over 70% of Phuket residents. With local government resources already stretched in fighting the Covid-19 crisis, hotels have thrown open their doors and embraced their neighbourhoods in hosting vaccination centres to help achieve the numbers.

“The Sandbox has brought together various tourism organizations in a way our industry has never witnessed before,” said Laguna Phuket’s Managing Director, Ravi Chandran, who has experienced past events like SARS, the Asian tsunami, and the global financial crisis.

“The Sandbox has broken down barriers within our industry, and the hope displayed in the determination and spirit is teaching us a true-life lesson. Welcome Back Home is our tribute to acknowledging people first and supporting our local neighbours and not just relying on Instagram-ready photo libraries.”

Sandbox discussions: (left) Laguna Phuket’s Managing Director Ravi Chandran; (right) Phuket Tourism Association President Bhummikitti Ruktaengam.

On an island that showcases some of Asia’s best beaches and world-renowned resorts, leading Phuket-based consultancy C9 Hotelworks Managing Director Bill Barnett added: “We wanted the campaign to represent the true face of our tourism industry, its people.

“So, we took to the streets, had conversations, and engaged with our community which has remained resilient in the face of adversity, to actively be the face of this amazing change that is about to take place.”

The campaign was shot by Delivering Asia Communications’ Thai photographer and videographer Thunwa Siripotisorut of over two days of travelling the length and breadth of the island visiting local villages, markets and fishing communities.

Sandbox champion and president of the Phuket Tourism Association, Bhummikitti Ruktaengam, expressed pride at how the efforts of local people had brought us to this historic point.

“There will be bumps in the road, but we will get there. We are working together as one, one island. The industry has never shared a vision and intent so passionately,” he said.

Welcome Back Home is a unique undertaking between the Laguna Phuket, Phuket Tourist Association, Delivering Asia Communications, and C9 Hotelworks. The social media-focused campaign in the lead-up to the beginning of July is highlighted by the voice and images of Phuket people who have endured the pandemic and remain ready to welcome travellers back home in the coming weeks ahead. This is the true voice of Phuket tourism. #phuketwelcomebackhome; #phuketsandbox

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(Source: C9 Hotelworks)

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