April launch for a blockchain travel app

SINGAPORE, 31 March 2021: OMT Group of Companies, a Singapore-based travel consultancy, will launch a blockchain-backed mobile application that allows end-users to tap and buy travel packages seamlessly and securely on the ledger.

The Singapore-based travel consultancy, with a global network of wholesalers spanning 25 countries across four major markets, is gearing up its next development phase with a decentralised mobile application.

The application will feature a comprehensive selection of curated itineraries, along with a secured payment gateway and rewards system.

In addition to the incorporation of the application, OMT Group of Companies is also looking to kick-start the mobile application with a comprehensive offering of affordable itineraries supported by major destinations including Indonesia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

James Yeow.

Come April, end-users will be able to download the application from their iTunes and Android stores.

As one of Singapore’s pioneers in the tourism sector to spearhead the use of emerging technology to operationalise its value chain, OMT effort to digitalise will increase the standards of travel wholesalers and safeguard monies and personal data from illicit activities.

It also points to Singapore’s endeavour to continue strengthening its position in the region as a cashless digital hub with its neutral regime in digital assets transactions.

OMT Group of Companies chairman and chief executive officer James Yeow said: “The up-and-coming application will look to facilitate billions of transactions on the blockchain, enable travel marketers to employ more targeted, data-driven marketing strategies and create sustainable employment opportunities for many.”                

OMT Group of Companies (www.omt-groups.com) is one of Southeast Asia’s largest travel and tourism groups. In partnership with leading travel operators around the world, OMT has achieved a proven track record of delivering conference, incentive and holiday solutions to corporate and association clients. OMT Group of Companies is also the main supplier of travel products and services to CYTT Chang You Travel Alliance.