Tighter restrictions on Maldives travel

MALE, The Maldives, 11 September: Effective since 10 September all tourists and short term visitors to the Maldives must present a negative PCR test for Covid-19 on arrival at the airport.

All non-tourist passengers arriving in the Maldives by air (residents and returning students) are also required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Stricter Covid-19 measures have been introduced as the country recorded its 30th fatality and cases climbed to 8,741 as of Wednesday.

Cases have been recorded on 25 islands as well as 23 resorts across the archipelago, the Edition online news reported.

Authorities have been tightening safety measures following an alarming upsurge of cases recorded after the country reopened for international tourism in July.

Around an average of  100 cases are reported daily but on Wednesday the total reduced to 93 with authorities saying daily average slipped two-digit figures since Sunday.

You can only transit or enter Taiwan if you’re a citizen, permanent resident or have special permission according to the latest travel advisories. If you’ve entered Taiwan on or before 21 March 2020 on a visitor visa, you can remain in Taiwan for up to 240 days.

Authorities modified Covid-19 test requirements for travellers earlier this month.
All arriving passengers must obtain a negative nucleic acid test certificate for Covid-19 issued by facilities recognised by Chinese embassies within three days of the departure flight instead of five days as previously announced.