Kathmandu hotels reopen

KATHMANDU,  21 September 2020: Nepal is allowing hotels in Kathmandu valley to reopen, but other destinations in the country may adopt stricter lockdowns.

There is a very low pick-up in bookings as visitors must quarantine for 14 days on arrival and travel is restricted to business and working permit holders and Nepalese on repatriation flights.

Public spaces and services are now open in the Kathmandu valley according to the latest travel advisories. Residents are warned to wear a mask when shopping and practice social distancing.

There are bans on large gatherings in Kathmandu. Entertainment centres such as cinema halls and dance bars, health clubs and swimming clubs, salons, beauty parlours, spas, libraries, zoos, and museums remain closed until further notice.

Most foreign nationals cannot visit Nepal, and Nepal’s land-based entry crossings shared with India remain closed to all foreigners from third countries until midnight 16 October.

The ban on international commercial flights has also been lifted, but at present, only Nepalis, international passengers that fit certain employment categories, and their dependents will be allowed to travel to Nepal.

Those who have permission to enter Nepal are required to have a PCR test demonstrating that they have tested negative to Covid-19and have certificate valid within 72 hours of travel.

Nepal at the weekend reported Covid-19 infections totalled 62,797 cases with 401 deaths.