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Turkey presents safe tourism


ISTANBUL, 24 June 2020: Turkey has introduced a “Safe Tourism Certificate Programme” this week to bolster efforts to reboot travel including insurance packages that cover Covid.19.

The insurance cover can be purchased on arrival at gateway airports in Turkey for as little as EUR15 providing up to EUR3,000 in medical cover, including Covid-19.

Turkey says it will reopen to tourism on 1 July following a campaign to demonstrate it has safety measures including a practical insurance package ready to go.

The pre-opening campaign kicked off this week as Turkey’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, met with ambassadors from the top countries sending tourists to Turkey.

The delegation witnessed the launch of Turkey’s “Safe Tourism” practices a move to build confidence in the country’s ability to establish a safe environment for foreign travellers.

The “ReTurkey” event allowed ambassadors and media to observe on-site all safety measures and procedures a tourist would encounter under the “Safe Tourism Certification Programme ” from deplaning aircraft, the checks in the airport and the transfers to hotels.

Noting the event provided as a chance to demonstrate to the rest of the world through the ambassadors and the international media the features of the  “Safe Tourism” measures taken by Turkey, Ersoy claimed, “our Safe Tourism Certification Programme is among the first in the world.”

“We thought of all the details for our guests who want to have a holiday in our country during the epidemic period. As of 1 July, we have created a health insurance package that includes Covid-19 for our foreign guests visiting our country.

“All health expenses of up to EUR3,000, 5,000 and 7,000 can be covered by insurance packages priced at EUR15, 19, and 23 that can be purchased through contracted airlines, various sales points before passport control, tour operators, and online channels. Our guests can feel comfortable, just like the Safe Tourism Certificate, we are thinking for all of the details on behalf of them.

Launched by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism and designed and implemented jointly by the public and the private sector, the “Safe Tourism Certificate” covers across a wide spectrum of travel content ranging from transportation to accommodation, facility personnel to the passengers’ state of health.

Full information on the “Safe Tourism Certificate” programme is accessible on the Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency website ( in Turkish, English, German, and Russian.

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