Phuket airport back in business

PHUKET, 15 June 2020: Phuket airport reopened late 13 June without any prior warning for the island’s tourism industry.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has made a habit offering very little advance notice on the reopening of airports leaving the local travel industry and airlines in the dark.

Up until late evening 12 June, Phuket was officially closed “until further notice” according to CAAT bulletins. Then on early 13 June, the news broke that airlines could resume domestic flights to the airport posted.

Hoteliers have expressed dismay at the lack of advance notice. The authorities announced the reopening of hotels when the airport and the island’s beaches remained closed.  Beaches were finally opened last week as well as overland transport that had been barred from crossing the causeway from the mainland.

But for most small business operators, it all came weeks too late. Hundreds of shops and bar owners packed up their belongings and handed back the keys of their rented premises to landlords. This was particularly evident on Patong Bay where even hotels remain closed, and some are openly advertised as up for sale.

Airlines that will resume flights this week are listed below.