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Auto visa extension for visitors stranded in Thailand


BANGKOK, 25 May 2020: Thailand’s automatic visa extension for stranded foreigners continues up to 31 July the Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted on its website late last week.

The provision extends all categories of temporary visas automatically without fees and the need to show up at an Immigration Bureau office or present any documents.

Called a special case, the MoF notice also confirms that foreigners who hold year-visas do not need to do the routine 90 days reporting until at least 31 July. 

Foreigners with permanent resident permits who are currently out of the country do not need to worry about getting back within the year stated in their re-entry permit. The deadline to keep their permanent residency valid has been extended until further notice. However, at some point, the Immigration Bureau will announce a revised timeline to close off the concession for permanent residents once the Covid-19 emergency is over and commercial international flights resume.

Extending the service to 31 July is a welcome gesture for thousands of foreigners who will need to extend their visas. At present, international flights to Thailand are banned until 30 June. Foreigners stranded in the country will not be able to book a flight home until July when airlines return, but the stay extension gives them more leeway to secure a flight home without worrying about their visa expiring.


  1. Indian passport – Working visa (1 year )

    My visa and work permit will be expire on 14/AUG/20

    And I already renew my work permit

    regarding visa I went to Imgration office and they check my all documents all ok but , only one documents is missing due to COVID that document delay and that documents will be complete probably end of this month 30/AUG/20 and my visa expire on 14/AUG/20 .. I hope they can expect me .. coz they told me bring that documents they will give visa but , I little worry my visa expire on 14-AUG /20 hope should not be problem.?

  2. Still no news for the stranded tourists here with regard to visa extensions past the 31 July deadline?

    It’s a daily topic on discussion boards all over the web. If the govt is having difficulty extending visas past 31 July then it should say so and advise stranded tourist WHAT TO DO. FOR INSTANCE: If no extensions are available automatically should they then be advised to visit an immigration centre?

    Without flights to all destinations widely available or even allowed and all borders closed the stranded tourists options are frankly at a cul-de-sac with no way out.

    SILENCE is NOT an option for Thailand to be seen to have GOOD GOVERNANCE. We need to demonstrate that we care and offer further compassion in these stressful days.

    Today is Bastille Day it is getting very close to the end of the month, lets not have have any head rolling please. Andrew J Wood/ President/ SKÅL INT’L BANGKOK.

  3. Hi,

    I am an Indian Passport holder who holds permanent resident of Thailand. My multiple re-entry visa has expired since May 10th 2020. I am also a Tangdao holder. Id like to know what is the status of my Visa.

    • I am not sure of all your details but based on what you write your re-entry permit expired on 10 May which means you are covered by the concessions of the Immigration Bureau re being able to return after the expiry date. However, you should contact the Thai embassy to clarify when you are able to return and at what point the concession on waiver of penalties might end for PRs who were away for more than one-year as per terms of the residency permit.

  4. Hello dear ,
    I have to report 90days on 6th June. What should I do? Thank you in advance for your response.

  5. Hello I wish to know about 1 year visa which is due to expire on June 1st and I m on work permit and back in my country India now.i tried to contact several offices including Thai immigration, Thai Embassy India and VFS Mumbai in India….unfortunately no one replies to your e mail or phone calls and no option to go back to Thailand even when your employer wants you back

    • The report refers to foreigners who are in Thailand and their visa expires before the 31 July. The Immigration Bureau provides an automatic extension through to that date without fees or the need to present documentation Once the provision expires 31 July the visa renewal or extension would follow the usual conditions and application process. However, it must be noted that as the deadline approaches the bureau will be dealing with more applications to renew or apply for a new visa. If you have a one-year visa and it will expire soon it would be wise to apply for an extension at the bureau while there are no queues.
      Unfortunately, in your case, you are not currently in Thailand and international flights are banned until 30 June. Work permit holders who are currently staying overseas will be allowed to travel to Thailand once the flight ban is lifted and there are commercial airline services from your country. But you should double-check possibly with your employer in Thailand that you are eligible to enter Thailand under the category of work permit holders.

  6. Does this include those people on the yearly extension of stay ( retirement ) whose extension expires before July 31st

    • It appears so but if your visa is due to expire in June or early July it might be a good idea to visit the nearest Immigration Bureau office and renew as there no queues at the moment rather than leave it to the last day 31 July when the concession on automatic extensions ends.

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