C9 Hotelworks releases new Khao Lak report

PHUKET, 24 January 2020: Increasing hotel supply in Khao Lak with stable tourism growth reflects a destination market that is now entering a new development cycle, the latest C9 Hotelworks’ report focusing on the popular beach destination just north of Phuket.

Author and managing director of C9 Hotelworks, Bill Barnett commented: “The upcoming second gateway Greater Phuket airport is expected to push the destination to diversify offerings in a more mature tourism scenario.”

Khao Lak, located in Thailand’s Phang Nga province, differentiates itself from Phuket’s mass tourism by appealing to Western travellers. Asian visitors are in the minority in Khao Lak as they prefer to visit the popular west coast beaches on Phuket island.

As of year-to-date November 2019, Phang Nga province recorded 970,692 guest arrivals at accommodation establishments with most of the hotels concentrated on Khao Lak’s main bay.

Tourism demand remained stable last year with a slight 0.7% growth y-o-y as of YTD Nov 2019 according to the report’s preamble.

To download the full report visit:



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