TAT promotes ASEAN POP Culture

BANGKOK, 19 September 2019:  The Tourism Authority of Thailand is promoting local cities with the launch of an “Experiencing ASEAN POP Culture” campaign.

It hopes to create awareness for authentic localised culture through a so-called “Pop Culture lifestyle” theme focusing mainly on art.

But the campaign connects various travel experiences beyond the core art theme to include food, literature, music and sports.

Towns identified as having “Pop Culture” value include Chiang Rai, Sukhothai and Trat as well as the ASEAN cities of Battambang and Mandalay.

The “Experiencing ASEAN POP Culture” project by TAT is focusing specific districts such as Chiang Khong in Chiang Rai, Sawankhalok in Sukhothai and Laem Ngop in Trat while linking the travel routes to include neighbouring Battambang in Cambodia and Mandalay in Myanmar.

Over 10 local artists, each venue will display their artworks and participate in the campaign. These cities will see famous artists from Thailand and the ASEAN region taking part in arts and cultural activities in the focused areas and giving as national heritage.