Hotel developers bypass Chang Island

PHUKET, 20 August 2019: Despite being one of the country’s biggest islands in the Gulf of Thailand, Chang Island remains off the tourism development radar says Phuket-based C9 Hotelworks.

In the report, ‘Koh Chang Tourism Market Review’, C9 Hotelworks’ managing director Bill Barnett takes a look at what makes the island tick.

Barnett states that during 2018 the island’s hotel market hosted 1.2 million guest arrivals at  272 tourism establishments with 7,617 rooms.

Market-wide hotel occupancy teeters between the mid to high 60’s, though the off-season sees visits drop by half. In a nutshell, it’s a massive swing between high and low season, Barnett explained.

Over the past decade, the domestic travel segment has accounted for between 59% to 71% share of all the island’s business.

For overseas visitors, Mainland China has been the fastest-growing market over the past few years, with other top five international markets being Germany, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Download the Koh Chang Tourism Market Review CLICK


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