Travelport tabs travel to China

HONG KONG, 11 October 2018: Known as the “Golden Week”, China’s National Day holiday, 1 to 7 October, saw the greatest growth in flight bookings from Japan, the United States and Australia to China, according to Travelport, a travel commerce platform for global travel agencies.

In addition to those three countries, others increasingly impacted by China’s Golden Week holiday included Hong Kong, Cambodia, the UK, Turkey, the Philippines, Germany and Vietnam.

All of them have seen comparatively large growth in flight bookings to China for the period of Golden Week.

Flight bookings made in Japan to China, 1-7 October, through all global distribution systems (GDS) increased by 8,853, up 37.5% compared to the same period in 2017.

Bookings made in the United States to China rose by 4,772 (+18.9%) and in Australia by 2,537 (+29.9%).

Among the other markets, inbound flight bookings to China for the Golden Week period has almost doubled in Cambodia (+136.9%) and Turkey (+100%).

For China’s Golden Week period in 2018, countries and regions with greatest growth in flight bookings to China through global distribution systems
Rank Origin % Change Vol. Increase
1 Japan 37.5% 8,853
2 United States 18.9% 4,772
3 Australia 29.9% 2,537
4 Hong Kong 15.3% 2,439
5 Cambodia 136.9% 1,859
6 United Kingdom 21.1% 1,142
7 Turkey 100.7% 1,080
8 Philippines 41.2% 1,065
9 Germany 15.8% 1,033
10 Vietnam 30.8% 973
This data is derived from Travelport’s interpretation of relevant MIDT data. It reflects bookings made through GDS only. Additional bookings will have been made directly with airlines, which may or may not also have a GDS presence.


Global distribution systems (GDS) are mass-volume reservation networks that allow travel agents, travel management companies and large corporations, among others, to search and book airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars and other travel-related items.

Globally in 2017, Travelport alone processed 1 trillion transactions through its platform.

Travelport, regional managing director Asia, Ming Foong commented: “Most locations listed have been long-term tourist hotspots for Chinese outbound travellers. The reciprocal growth in flight bookings to China for the Golden Week period demonstrates the market’s continuing attraction and its strong airline capacity satisfying the demands of the busiest travel season of China.

“We also cannot neglect the increasing business and tourist appeal of China’s Golden Week to travellers from these markets. The flow of holiday travellers goes two ways.

“The impact of Golden Week has gone far beyond the borders of China and exerted great influence on the other parts of the world,” Ming added.

“Travel agents, airlines and other industry players should capitalise on this phenomenal opportunity. At Travelport, we are poised to support such growth efforts with data analytics offerings, mobile solutions and the other technological advances.”

(Source: Travelport)