Discounts on airport lounges membership


BANGKOK, 13 July 2018: Global airport lounge operator, Priority Pass, is selling a lead-in membership that provides access to all of its airport lounges at USD74, discounted 25% from USD99.

Established in 1992, the company operates lounges at more than 1,200 airports, worldwide, but is particularly strong in Europe and Asia.

Posting discount offers for membership on Facebook, this week, the company offers deals on three membership tiers.

Entry-level membership, at a discounted USD74, gives passengers access to lounges for a per visit fee of USD27. Guests of the lounge member can also entry for the same fee.

Standard Plus membership, discounted 20% from USD249 to USD199, includes 10 free visits a year and a basic USD27 entre fee once the free entries have been used.

For frequent travellers, Prestige membership comes up with unlimited free entries for one year for a membership discounted 10% from USD399 to USD59.

The company has a presence in 500 cities in 140 countries.

In Thailand, it uses Miracle, or Coral lounges, in Bangkok’s two airports, plus Coral lounges in Chiang Mai, Phuket and Udon Thani airports.

Members have access Bangkok Airway’ Blue Ribbon Club at Samui airport.