The Murray opens its doors

HONG KONG 17 January 2018:Wharf Hotels  opened The Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel, 15 January.

The property is the group’s new flagship Niccolo property the latest addition to Wharf Hotels luxury collection.

The Murray started to bring facilities, restaurants and bars progressively online since Tuesday.

As one of eight historic landmarks under Hong Kong’s Conserving Central initiative introduced by the government in 2013, The Murray is an inspiring piece of architecture with almost 50 years of history, and a landmark building located in the heart of the city in Central, Hong Kong.

Identified as a high-profile preservation project the building was converted into a hotel by Foster + Partners,

The Murray has 336 s suites and rooms in 25 floors, and claims to offer the city’s most spacious accommodation choices with over 75% of the rooms having  50 square metres floor space or more.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of The Murray, a new hospitality icon for not only Hong Kong, but our global community, and the flagship for the Niccolo brand,” said Wharf Hotels president, Jennifer Cronin. “Niccolo Hotels was launched as a new luxury hotel concept with Niccolo Chengdu three years ago, where it soon became one of the leading hotels in the city, followed by Chongqing in September 2017 where Niccolo Chongqing is making its mark as a sky hotel.

Niccolo’s Changsha and Suzhou will also open sky hotels in the next two years.”

“As a Hong Kong based hotel group, we are indeed proud to bring Niccolo’s flagship to life where the story really began. We are extremely excited to be able to evolve the legacy of the past from an iconic city landmark, to a new destination for luxury hotel experiences of the future.

The hotel team is headed by managing director, Duncan Palmer.