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Korean Air regulates Smart Luggage


HONG KONG, 17 January 2018:  Effective Monday, Korean Air is now applying a ban on passengers  checking in and  carrying on board smart battery-powered luggage with built-in power packs.

Smart Luggage includes features and devices such as USB chargers, Wi-Fi hotspot, GPS, auto locking system and motorised wheel.

Smart Luggage with non-removable lithium-ion batteries may pose risks for fire hazard in cargo holds or in cabins the airline reported.

In accordance with the regulations issued by IATA towards ensuring flight safety, Korean Air is now prohibiting passengers from checking in or carrying Smart Luggage that are fitted with non-removable batteries.

However, as long as batteries have been removed, Smart Luggage will be allowed as checked baggage, under the condition that the batteries are uninstalled prior to check-in and are carried separately on board by the passenger.

However, passengers can still take on board carry-on Smart Luggage as long as the batteries can easily be removed if needed. Other airlines are expected to make similar announcements in response to IATA’s evaluation.

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