b0arding.com builds global content

SINGAPORE, 24 June 2024: b0arding.com, a next-generation hotel & vacation rental booking platform in the US, has added 2 million hotels and vacation rental listings to the company’s global portfolio during the first four months of 2024. 

The new listings, with more than 3 million rooms supplied by well-known global hotel chains. 

“b0arding.com’s progress in 2023 shows our success in capturing the attention of the Generation Z demographic and meeting their demands,” declared  b0arding.com CEO Victor Nikonets. “Enabling content through travel and tech leaders Amadeus and Booking.com is invaluable in enhancing our process, and we look forward to rapid growth in the coming months.”

In 2023, b0arding.com soft launched in the US as a booking platform for vacation rentals with a built-in loyalty programme. Since then, the company has partnered with property management software companies such as Guesty and Hostfully.

b0arding.com’s new portfolio of hotels offers operators an ability to reach young travellers by using its loyalty programme model with accessibility to video reviews making it a compelling choice for young travellers.


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