ATIA supports recruiting skilled migrants

SYDNEY, 6 June 2024: The Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA) continues to engage with the Federal Government to support travel businesses in rebuilding their workforces, with a submission to ensure key travel occupations are eligible for skilled migration.

ATIA’s submission to Jobs and Skills Australia urges the government to ensure Travel Consultants, Travel Agency Managers, and Tour Guides are on the Core Skills Occupations List (CSOL).

ATIA’s submission is backed by data and evidence in relation to shortages, current demand, and future demand, including results from ATIA’s Skills and Workforce Survey.

With enrolments in travel-related traineeships dropping by over 80%, this is a vital avenue to ensure travel businesses have access to the skilled workers they need to succeed and support travelling Australians.

ATIA Director of Public Policy and Advocacy Ingred Fraser explains: “ATIA welcome the opportunity to engage in relation to Australia’s migration strategy. Travel businesses have worked hard to support new entrants to the industry, including via traineeships and pursuing new and creative initiatives to attract and retain workers. However, skills shortages are significant, demand is high, and the future pipeline of skilled workers remains limited.

“In this environment, ATIA supports the occupations of Travel Consultants, Travel Agency Managers, and Tour Guides being on the CSOL.”

“Access to skilled migrants, as an option where local workers are not available, is vital in ensuring the travel industry has the workforce it needs to support travelling Australians. It is also vital in enhancing the quality and tour services offered, benefiting Australia’s overall travel and tourism industry.


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