BANGKOK, 16 May, 2024: Emirates will refurbish another 43 A380s and 28 Boeing 777 aircraft, expanding its retrofit programme to 191 aircraft.

The original plan called for 120 aircraft – 67 A380s and 53 777s to undergo full refurbishment. The Boeing 777 remains the backbone of the Emirates fleet, and the A380 is the airline’s flagship customer favourite. The expansion of the refurbishment programme ensures Emirates continues to provide customers with an unparalleled travel experience. 

Emirates has retrofitted 22 A380 aircraft so far, and in July of this year, the first Boeing 777 will undergo an interior refresh. Each Boeing 777 aircraft will take approximately two weeks to refurbish before entering service. Plans include refurbishing the First-Class cabin, all new Business Class seats making a debut on the aircraft in an updated 1-2-1 seating configuration, and 24 of the latest Premium Economy seats, giving customers more premium options to choose from.

Along with the addition of the Premium Economy cabin, the Emirates Boeing 777 will be configured with 332 seats in four classes, featuring eight first class suites, 40 business class seats, and 260 economy class seats. To make room for Emirates’ new premium economy cabin, 50 economy seats will be removed.

Refurbishment work for the Emirates fleet is completely being managed and executed in-house at the airline’s Engineering Centre. Over 250 project personnel are currently working round the clock, supported by 31 major partners and suppliers who have set up workshops both in the facility and offsite to deliver the refreshed cabins.

Once the last aircraft rolls out of the retrofit programme and the project is fully complete, the airline will have installed 8,104 next-generation premium economy seats, 1,894 refreshed first-class suites, 11,182 upgraded business class seats, and 21,814 economy class seats.  

Emirates currently operates its refurbished A380 aircraft fitted with Premium Economy to New York JFK, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, London Heathrow, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch, Melbourne, Singapore, Mumbai, Bangalore, Sao Paulo, and Dubai. The airline will boost services with the new cabin to Osaka in early June.

The airline will be serving 42 cities with Premium Economy by February 2025, with the A350 entering its fleet in September of this year. The newly refurbished Boeing 777s will also begin serving more cities with the highly sought-after cabin later this summer.

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