KUCHING, 19 March 2024: Did you know that Sarawak’s Kolo Mee has been officially recognised as part of Malaysia’s national heritage, joining a list of iconic culinary treasures?

Kolo Mee is a local speciality and the most popular dish for busy residents, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It certainly tops the list of foods worth flying for.

Kolo Mee is usually topped with minced meat, succulent barbequed pork slices, spring onions, and fried onion. This Chinese dish is also served up as a Halal version with slices of beef or chicken, fragrant fried shallots, and spring onions, served in a bowl of rich beef or chicken soup. 

Some noodle fans ask what’s the difference between Kolo Mee and Wonton Mee? The latter is popular in Peninsular Malaysia. Kolo Mee is not drenched in dark soy sauce, and water is not added to the noodles when served.

Sarawak Food Trail: Dishes worth flying for

  • Kolo Mee.
  • Sarawak Laksa.
  • Kacang Ma (Motherwort Chicken)
  • Nasi Aruk.
  • Nasi Goreng Dabai.
  • Durian Flower.
  • Terung Dayak Soup.
  • Belacan Beehoon.



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