Korean Air resumes China and Japan flights

SINGAPORE, 24 July 19 2023: Korean Air is resuming multiple routes to China and Japan, including Changsha, Wuhan, Weihai, Fukuoka and Nagoya, after a hiatus of three years and six months.

On the Seoul Incheon-Changsha route, the airline resumed operations with flights five times a week starting 19 July. Flights on the Seoul Incheon-Wuhan and Seoul Incheon-Weihai routes will resume on 24 September and  27 September.

Supporting the World Expo 2030 Busan bid

Starting on 27 September, the airline will resume its Busan-Fukuoka and Busan-Nagoya routes. Flights will operate twice daily to Fukuoka and daily to Nagoya from Busan. These routes will be served by a Boeing 737-900ER, with a 173-passenger capacity. With the resumption of these routes departing from Busan, Korean Air supports Korea’s bid to host the World Expo 2030 in Busan.

Passenger capacity 82% of pre-pandemic levels 

Korean Air is also expanding its international flight operations to meet international travel demand through increased flight frequency. The airline is expanding frequencies in July and has reinstated flights resulting in the available seat km (ASK) capacity reaching approximately 82% of pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

Korean Air implemented frequency increases on several routes worldwide. In the North American region, the airline has expanded flights on the Seoul Incheon-Chicago route from five to daily, on the Seoul Incheon-Dallas route, from four to five times per week, and on the Seoul Incheon-San Francisco route from seven to nine weekly. In Europe, the airline has increased flight frequencies on the Incheon-Frankfurt route from five weekly to daily and on the Incheon-Milan route from three to four weekly.

The airline is also increasing weekly flights to Ulaanbaatar, Sapporo and Bali. The Seoul Incheon-Ulaanbaatar route has increased from daily flights to eight weekly and will expand to 10 weekly in August. The airline has also increased frequencies from daily to 11 weekly between Seoul Incheon and Sapporo. It will increase flights from nine to 11 weekly between Seoul Incheon and Bali by the end of August, adding additional flights on Friday and Saturday.

Return of flights out of Busan

More route resume in July