PG routes almost back to full strength

BANGKOK, 21 November 2022: Bangkok Airways flight network, effective 20 November, returns to almost its pre-Covid 19 levels as far as destinations covered except for Hong Kong, Myanmar and Vietnam.

The airline continues to suspend services on popular routes Samui – Hong Kong and Bangkok – Phu Quoc (Vietnam) at least until the end of the year. While it serves Yangon in Myanmar, it has not resumed services to the political capital Nay Pyi Daw and Myanmar’s second-largest city Mandalay. As for domestic routes, it has reinstated all routes except for Bangkok – Chiang Rai.

Effective 20 November, the airline confirmed the following routes are  back, although in some cases with fewer flights than pre-Covid-19 times. Flights on domestic routes will likely increase to what they were before the pandemic in time for the Christmas and New Year travel seasons.

Bangkok Airways currently services destinations as follows:

Domestic Routes

✈ Bangkok – Samui

✈ Bangkok – Chiang Mai

✈ Bangkok – Phuket

✈ Bangkok – Krabi

✈ Bangkok – Trat

✈ Bangkok – Lampang

✈ Bangkok – Sukhothai

✈ Bangkok – Hat Yai

✈ Samui – Hat Yai

✈ Samui – Phuket

✈ Samui – U-Tapao

✈ Samui – Chiang Mai

✈ Phuket – Hat Yai

✈ Phuket – U-Tapao

✈ Chiang Mai – Phuket (One-way)

✈ Chiang Mai – Krabi (One-way)

International Routes

✈ Bangkok – Phnom Penh

✈ Samui – Singapore

✈ Bangkok – Maldives

✈ Bangkok – Siem Reap

✈ Bangkok – Yangon

✈ Bangkok – Danang

✈ Bangkok – Luang Prabang


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