Air Canada welcomes end of Covid restrictions

MONTREAL, 28 September 2022: Air Canada welcomed the Government of Canada’s decision earlier this week to lift remaining Covid-19 restrictions, including requirements for wearing masks on aircraft, testing and quarantine, and the compulsory use of ArriveCan starting 1 October 2022.

“Air Canada welcomes the removal of these restrictions, acknowledging that air travel is safe and that the measures were not justified by science,” said Air Canada executive vice-president and chief operating officer Craig Landry.

“We believe it will greatly facilitate travel, help to continue stabilising the country’s air transport sector and support Canada’s economy. Customers and crew will still have the option to wear masks, and we also encourage customers to monitor their health to be sure they feel well and fit to travel,”

“While Tuesday’s announcement is a positive step, we urge the government not to lose momentum. Lessons learned during the pandemic should now be applied to streamlining the air transport system in Canada and enact further reforms.

“This includes improving processes, such as security and customs at airports, developing trusted traveller programs, deploying new technologies and, more fundamentally, re-examining the user-pay model that finances air transportation in Canada, as weaknesses and interdependencies were exposed by Covid.”