Pandaw invests in Red River cruises

SINGAPORE, 12 June 2022: Pandaw, a river cruise pioneer in India and the Mekong Region countries, will launch a second ship in northern Vietnam in mid-2023 to explore the Red and Black River network from Halong Bay.

RV Song Hong is under construction in Hai Phong and will be fitted out with 10 staterooms slightly larger than the standard Pandaw cabin. Like other Pandaw vessels, it will have the trademark promenades running around the decks with both saloon and deck dining zones fore and aft.

It will join RV Angkor, sailing the Red and Black River waterways since 2015. Both ships share the same expedition vessel design with an ultra-shallow draft enabling them to navigate the challenging environment of the Red River.

The cruises are not cheap at USD3,222 per person for a 10-day expedition. Still, they attract travellers who appreciate taking their time to explore the key sites of Northern Vietnam from the vantage point of a river ship meandering through the Red River delta and tributaries along a fascinating route from Halong Bay to Hanoi.