DUBAI, 6 April 2022: Emirates has wrapped up a stellar six months at Expo 2020 Dubai, wowing visitors at its ultra-futuristic Pavilion. Following the Expo’s wind-up, the airline looks back at 180 days of unique experiences at its Pavilion – teleporting visitors into the future of commercial aviation in 2071.

As the Premier Partner and Official Airline of Expo 2020 Dubai, Emirates has played a significant role in bringing visitors across the world to the event. Over the past six months, the airline has brought millions of passengers to the Expo, from over 120 destinations, across six continents.

More than 40 aircraft donned with special Expo liveries, including the head-turning “be part of the magic” Expo livery, have flown across the airline’s network to spread awareness of one of the world’s largest global events.

Emirates has invested more than AED100 million in advertising and other promotional campaigns to promote and spread awareness of Expo 2020 across its global markets. From launching a bold campaign during the opening of the Expo to captivating the world with a viral ad featuring its cabin crew on the tip of the Burj Khalifa, the airline has played a massive role in placing Expo 2020 Dubai on top of the world’s travel agenda.

The airline also rolled out various initiatives and multiple products offers, including specialised trade packages, early-bird offers and a complimentary Expo Day pass for all Emirates’ passengers – in which more than 1 million customers redeemed on

More than 20,000 items of Emirates merchandise were snapped up by Expo visitors.

Since October 2021, Emirates has welcomed a significant number of visitors to its Pavilion. The impressive, multi-sensory installations and visual experiences offered visitors a glimpse into the future of commercial aviation. The Virtual Reality headset – in which visitors could explore aircraft interior cabins of the future – was the most visited and popular digital experience.

Unique, limited edition memorabilia – such as the Emirates A380 “be part of the magic” Expo aircraft model and Expo branded passport covers – were some of the most sought after items by aviation fans and Expo visitors who visited the Pavilion.

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