LANGKAWI, 5 January 2022: Situated in the glittering waters of the Andaman Sea is a mystical archipelago comprising 99 islets known as Langkawi. At the northwesternmost coast of Malaysia, it is a living gallery of emerald paddy fields, ancient and mysterious rainforests, majestic mountain ranges and rock formations, exotic flora & fauna and sparklingly clear, sapphire blue waters.

All intricately embroidered by powder-fine sandy beaches and soothingly swaying coconut palms. Delve deeper, and Langkawi will reveal even more of its rich treasures that lay in store. Discover a wealth of customs, cultures and a veritable spring of rich flavours. But the most valuable facet of Langkawi is its people and the richness of their welcoming hospitality that begins with a priceless smile.

It is no surprise that Langkawi is considered one of Asia’s top most sought after destinations amongst tourists, nature-enthusiasts and modern-day explorers around the world. But words truly fail to capture the magic of these islands and the experiences that lay in wait, which is why the Malaysia Pavilion delivered some of it to delight visitors on Naturally Langkawi Day, 28  December 2021.

Dances & Costumes

Highly skilled dancers enchanted pavilion visitors with their graceful moves to demonstrate traditions of both Malaysian and uniquely ‘Langkawian’ culture as  These dances are not just intricate choreography, but in pageantry as well. The intricate accessories and vibrant textiles that make up their costumes reflect fine Malaysian artistry and craftsmanship as well. You can even see how these intricate textiles are woven too.

The Expo 2020 Dubai is playing host to 192 countries this year and for the first time ever, is creating a truly global atmosphere. Participating nations are hosting exclusive pavilions, allowing visitors a chance to experience what each nation has to offer. This is the perfect way to explore what is in store for you in Langkawi. Besides fun, flavour and sand, you will also discover that Langkawi has more to offer in terms of business opportunities, innovations and showcasing impactful and sustainable solutions for you and to the world.

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