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CEB charges for second cabin bag


MANILA, 26 August 2021: Low-cost airline Cebu Pacific will introduce a fee for extra carry-on baggage starting 1 September, the airline confirmed earlier this week.

The airline says it has always maintained a strict single hand carry bag for all flights with a limit of 7kg in weight, and its size must fit in the overhead bin or under the aircraft seat.

Now it will charge a fee if passengers board with more than one carry-on bag.

Beginning 1 September 2021, passengers who do not comply with the rule will be charged a gate baggage fee of PHP1,000 per person for domestic flights. In the coming months, the airline will also begin charging passengers boarding international flights in the same manner at the gate just before they board the aircraft. They will have to pay PHP1,500 for short-haul and PHP3,000 for long-haul flights.

Cashless payments are also encouraged, in line with the airline’s contactless flight guidelines amidst operating during the pandemic.

“We have been continuously reviewing our processes to ensure we are able to provide the best customer experience for every guest. This is being done to make sure CEB avoids any unnecessary flight delays as much as possible,” said Cebu Pacific vice president for marketing and customer experience Candice Iyog.

However, the new rule could cause a queue at the gate, generate disputes, and become a pain point driving passengers to more flexible competitors.

Passengers who purchased additional items at the airport are exempted if they can show the official receipt from the store where they shopped. Other items that will be accepted as extra free hand carry are equipment for medical needs or infants.

(Source: CEB)

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