KUCHING, 11 May 2021: The authentic snacks you can find along the streets and alleys of Kuching in Sarawak are legendary for food lovers and it is likely to get even better if Kuching wins its bid to become a UNESCO Creative City in the field of gastronomy.

Securing Creative City status for gastronomy will put the state capital on the map as far as foodies are concerned who will be keen to visit Kuching to taste the diversity once travel reopens.

With its application completed Kuching should be among the cities recognised in the new UNESCO listing that is due to be released in October 2021.

Delightful kolo mee.

You can enjoy Sarawak delicacies three meals a day. Let’s take you through the dining options on a typical day in Kuching for a foodie on tour..


A delicious and nutritious breakfast is definitely essential to start the day.

Kolo mee

A breakfast the locals cannot do without is a bowl of kolo mee. The thin slices of char siu (pork slice), the flavorful minced meat, and the hand made noodles make this dish very unique. Some stores do it with zheng (mixed pork soup). The soup is rich with aroma and full of ingredients such as meatballs and internal organs of pork.

Delicious kolo mee.

Recommended Restaurant: Kim Joo Kolo Mee
Address: 73 Jalan Ewe Hai, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak


In addition to Sarawak’s special meal, Kolo Mee, the one and only Sarawak Laksa is also not to be missed. The rich broth ̶̶ made from a variety of spices served with prawns and shredded chicken, a few drops of squeezed lime juice is appetizing and tantalizing to one’s taste buds.

Tasty Laksa.

Recommended Restaurant: Chong Choon Café Address: 275, Jalan Chan Chin Ann, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak

Popiah and toast

Popiah and toast can be said to be companions common in the local breakfast menu. The local Popiah is made of turnip filling wrapped in a soft thin paper-like crepe made from wheat flour. Paired with toasted bread and a cup of local coffee, a day of vitality is ahead.

A great combination: Popiah and toast (Picture from: Instagram @ Sarawak My Hometown).

Recommended Restaurant: Choon Hui Café Address: 34, Jalan Ban Hock, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak

Mee Jawa

Mee jawa, a popular noodle dish in Sarawak, is made of yellow egg noodles, topped with tofu, bean sprouts, hard-boiled eggs and sauce. Sometimes, satay (meat skewer) comes with the meal. A good breakfast choice too.

Brightly coloured mee jawa (Picture from Cai Yu).

Recommended Restaurant: Mee Jawa Rabak:
Address: 100, 82, Jalan Main Bazaar, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak


It is hard to decide what to eat when faced with such a wide selection of delicious food as you walk around the streets of Kuching. I recommend trying all the delicacies to satisfy your appetite.


Kompia, which originated from Chaoshan, is very popular in Malaysia. The kompia is crunchy when fried till crispy and golden brown. The locals like to eat Kompia with meat fillings. The aroma from a baked Kompia combined with the fragrant smell of meat makes you want to eat more.

Kompia with rich fillings.


Rojak means “mixture” in Malay. A vegetable and fruit salad dish that reflects the diverse culture of Malay. Rojak cleverly blends various fruits and fritters with a spicy palm sugar paste, then topped with crushed peanuts.  You can enjoy this authentic snack anytime.

“Mixed” Rojak (Image source: Tripadvisor).

Recommended Restaurant: Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre
Address: Jalan Song Kheng Hai, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak

Sarawak kek lapis

The colourful Sarawak kek lapis is often served during religious or cultural celebrations. As the celebrity in the cake category, this traditional cake comes in different colours and patterns, so you must remember to take photos of it.

“Net celebrities”: kek lapis.

Recommended Restaurant: Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah Kuching
Address: Petra Jaya, 40, Jalan Gersik, Kampung Gersik, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak

Kueh chap

When preparing kueh chap, attention is given to the cleanliness of the internal organs as they are the signature of the dish. The flat wide rice noodles rolls are soft and smooth. The rich meat-based broth is an important part of the dish. The combination of the ingredients gives a fantastic and aromatic taste.

Delicious kueh chap.

Meat Satay

Satay is one of the common barbecue food on the streets of Kuching. The marinated beef or chicken on skewers are grilled over hot burning charcoal and paired with a special spicy peanut sauce. The aroma of the satay itself is tempting enough

Savoury Satay (Image source: when2meets2).

Recommended Restaurant: Lau Ya Keng Foodcourt
Address: 19, Carpenter St, 93000

Black olives fried rice

Black olives are a famous fruit in Sarawak. The locals use marinated black olives in their fried rice. The aroma of the olive penetrates the rice and makes it very appetising.

Full-grain black olives fried rice.

Recommended Restaurant: Warong Nusantara
Address: 23, 14, Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak


The restaurants and cafes on the street become lively when night falls. The food available at night in Kuching must not be missed.

Crispy fried oyster pancake

The local food court is said to be a paradise for foodies; you can taste authentic delicacies at each stall. Crispy fried oyster pancake is a decadent meal of lovely oysters fried in pancake batter with lots of eggs.  You’ll love stir-fried Bidin, one of the must-order special dishes. Many of the delicacies can’t be found elsewhere; you would want to try them all.

Crispy fried oyster pancake (Image source: JacquelineTiong).
Stir-fried midin.

Recommended Restaurant: Top Spot Food Court
Address: Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak

Bamboo chicken

Bamboo chicken is a traditional delicacy of the Ibans in Sarawak. The way to make it is to stuff the bamboo roll with chicken, red onion, ginger, lemongrass and other spices then close the opening with cassava leaves. The bamboo is roasted slowly over a fire. The tender chicken takes on a slightly burnt woody taste from the bamboo and goes very well with rice.

Agrant bamboo chicken (Image source: Lepau).

Recommended Restaurant: Rumah Asap Dayak Samarahan
Address: 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak

Crispy roast pork

Crispy roast pork is hard to make. The skin is crispy and crunchy, yet the meat can be tender and juicy. Only an expert knows how to pull off this amazing dish. You can’t stop after a bite.

Roasted pork with crispy skin and tender meat.

Recommended Restaurant: Yue Fang Yuan
Address: 370, Jalan Kampung Simpang Tiga,Kuching, 93200

(Source: Your Stories Sarawak Tourism Board)

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