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Webinar on Kutch heritage story


NEW DELHI, 29 2020: India’s Ministry of Tourism is hosting webinars to introduce lesser-known destinations to the travel trade worldwide.

The first webinar was held 1100 Indian Standard Time 28 May and focused on the theme of ‘Northeast India for the Immersive Traveller’.

A follow-up webinar, the second in the series, will be hosted 30 May on the subject of The Tenacity of Survival – the Inspirational story of Kutch also at 1100 Indian Standard Time.

Travel executives can register for the webinar through the Facebook page of India Tourism’s Singapore office.

The first in the series of one-hour webinars focused on the theme, ‘Northeast India for the Immersive Traveller’ with presentations by Julie Kagti, proprietor, Curtain Call Adventures; David Angami, traveller in chief, India Trail; Devraj Barooah, co-founder, Manyul Gathering and Pintso Gyatso, co-founder, Our Guest.

The 30th May 2020 webinar will be presented by Dr Navina Jafa, the director of Indian Cultural Heritage Research.

It will introduce the natural heritage of the people of Kuch – Kuchiyat, and is described as a well researched and entertaining story illustrated through videos and graphics.

Register here: https://bit.ly/KutchDAD

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