Skål Club of Bali donates rice

BALI, 12 May 2020: The Skål Club of Bali is donating rice to villagers in need deploying funds that would have normally been used to travel to Skål Congresses.

In a press statement, the club said Bali residents had lost their jobs as foreign tourist arrivals dried-up up due to the global lockdowns and travel bans.  It noted that 80% of Balinese rely on tourism either directly or indirectly.

“Basically, no tourists mean no jobs, and no one can predict when things will improve… And we have a social responsibility to assist where we can.”

The club agreed to re-allocate travel expenses and funds associated with Skål Congresses for 2020 that have been cancelled, to donate back to the community. It is supporting the Nasi Project to donate 1 tonne of rice monthly for the next three months.

Last week, members of the board assisted with the distribution of rice to the most vulnerable individuals and families in the community.

For more information about Nasi Project visit their Facebook page,

(Source: Andrew Wood)