Flying surfboards for free

BANGKOK, 3 May 2019:  It’s a safe bet that they will not be many takers for Bangkok Airway’ latest offer to ship a surfboard free on flights to the beach resorts that it serves.

The airline announced earlier this week it is waiving service and baggage fees for surfboards and wave riders on all of its flights until 31 December 2019.

We can safely say it applies to beach resorts, but the trick is to find resorts that are blessed with strong surfing conditions to justify lugging a surfboard all the way from home.

Phuket would certainly qualify during the rainy season months although sea safety experts warn of dangerous rip tides and currents that pose a risk to swimmers.

Surfers travelling with Bangkok Airways can load their surfboards (1 board per passenger) for free in addition to their normal baggage allowance. 

But the offer is limited to the airline’s A320 and A319 aircraft not its smaller 70-seat ATRs.

The airline says passengers “must make sure that the surfboard is properly packed in a container or wrapped to protect it during loading and unloading. In addition to that, the service is available for travel purposes only” not unaccompanied shipments.

If you have a surfboard collecting dust in your apartment then email the airline( first just in case it is overwhelmed with closet surfers who yearn to show-off their carbon composite boards at a beach resort in Asia.

It’s not the first time the airline has thrown free transport of sports equipment into the sales mix.

In past years, it offered cyclists the same deal so they could transport their bikes, outside of the luggage allowance, which was a generous offer considering a bike and a box weighs around 18 kg.

But those generous days have long gone with the airline switching its attention to minority groups like surfboard riders to ensure the free transport budget is not blown in the first month of the campaign.