Closing guest experience gap

SINGAPORE, 18 September 2018: There are still a major gap between how hotels and travellers assess and perceive the guest experience according to the findings of a recent study released at the weekend.

StayNTouch, Travel Tripper, and TrustYou partnered to launch the report that examines guest experience trends and their adoption in the hotel industry.

It provided key insights and takeaways to empower hoteliers to improve their own guest-driven decisions and gain a better understanding of the market.

Surveying 300 hoteliers in the US, Canada, and key hotspots, worldwide,  the report focused on check-in technology, upsell opportunities and guest communications.

Key findings showed that 41% of hotel respondents do not offer their guests a choice of check-in methods, while 70% of respondents never, or only sometimes, converted upsells or upgrades at check-in.

However, 68% of hotel respondents recognise the need to improve their use of mobile technology to improve the overall guest experience.

In addition, the survey also reveals interesting trends about guest communications and staff responsiveness, mobile bookings and check-in, the use of guest data to improve guest stays, and the ability of hotels to capture guest feedback and act upon it.

The study allows hotels to see where they stack up in comparison to their peers, as well as offers important takeaways on how hotels can move the needle forward on improving the guest experience through technology and data.

StayNTouch director of marketing Frewoini Golla, explained why the findings were critical for the hotel industry.

“By and large, hoteliers understand the importance of offering a distinct guest experience, but understanding and evaluating the current state of the guest journey is critical for hoteliers to begin making the necessary strides in their guest engagement strategy.”

TrustYou vice president of sales & marketing Valerie Castillo noted: “It was especially interesting for us to see the difference in how hotels and travellers assess the guest experience. We have made significant strides over the last few years, but the hospitality industry is still a ways off from perfectly mirroring guest’s needs.”

TrustYou is a guest feedback solution, offering review marketing, online reputation management, guest satisfaction surveys and guest messaging.

StayNTouch is a mobile hotel property management system that enables hotels to create long-lasting relationships with their guests by delivering personalised service levels.

Travel Tripper is a full-service hospitality technology provider offering solutions including central reservation systems, hotel distribution, website and booking, and digital marketing.