Singaporean travellers love luxury


SINGAPORE, 28 March 2018: Luxury encounters and exploring the unknown were the top prerequisites when Singaporeans turn to travel planning.

That was just two of the takeaways from a survey released Tuesday by Etihad Airways.

It sought to gain insights on Singapore-based travellers’ attitudes and preferences, particularly when travelling to the Gulf region, where Etihad has its home base.

Beyond looking at preferred destinations and attractions, the survey also took a closer look at the top considerations when travelling across the different age groups.

“Singaporeans are considered as one of the most well-travelled people in the world. Gaining insights into their travel attitudes and preferences, especially when it comes to travelling to the Gulf region helps uncover opportunities not just for airlines like Etihad, but also for the wider travel industry,” said Etihad Airways’ Singapore general manager, Jeffrey Lim.

“For example, these insights can help industry players develop packages that put more emphasis on the overall experience, rather than competing to deliver the lowest possible price.”

According to the survey Singaporeans consider Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE, as a top cultural and historical destination (43%), a popular exotic location (38%), and a shopping heaven (32%).

Singapore-based travellers know exactly what they want when on holiday. Among those surveyed, seven out of 10 indicated they want luxurious experiences during their trips though this declines in appeal among older travellers.

What is not age-dependent, though, is the desire to discover new lands, tastes and experiences, with nine out of 10 people surveyed agreeing that travelling is all about exploring the unknown and having an adventure. Nine out of 10 Singapore-based passengers also believe that ultimately, the holistic experience throughout the journey is as important as the destination itself.

While there is a demand for carefully curated travel experiences, travellers’ overall satisfaction can be significantly impacted by the various touch points throughout the journey — from airport check-ins and immigration checks to the flight and transfers on-the-ground.

It’s not just about the price tag

Despite the differences in background, age and demographics, top considerations when choosing their next destination remain the same across the board. While over half (53%) of the respondents said that budget is a key consideration, other factors that impact their decision-making process include:
Personal safety & security (51.91%);
Cultural and historical attractions (48.25%);
Relaxation (47.93%).

These results reinforce why more exotic destinations outside Asia have become increasingly appealing to Singapore-based travellers.

According to the respondents, the top reasons passengers consider the Gulf region as their next holiday destination include the availability of cultural and historical attractions (42%), a high level of exotic content (33%), and the many shopping options that abound (31%).

Making a lasting impact

Age is not a factor, nor does it decrease interest in exploring new places and cultures. But what really leaves a lasting impression for Singaporeans during their trips?

Based on the research, while the attractions themselves are a factor, the secret lies with Singaporeans’ appetites, with 65% saying that the food they ate was one of the key highlights of their most unforgettable holidays.

This is followed by the personal connection they make with the local culture and history of the destination (53%), the unique local activities they experienced (50.4%) and quality of services they received during their travels (50%).

Results of the survey show that there is a significant opportunity for industry players in the Gulf region to take advantage of Singaporeans’ desires for more non-traditional or unexpected destinations.

About the research

The report  commissioned by Etihad was completed in October 2017, based on a quantitative survey of more than 600 respondents conducted at Changi Airport.

Etihad Airways flies to 100 destinations with its fleet of 115 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. In 2017 it carried 18.6 million passengers.