Amadeus takes the lid off Thai travel.

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BANGKOK, 29 November 2017: Thai traveller are open to sharing personal data if they can obtain a more personalised service or better price deal.

The findings released in an Amadeus study appear to go against the dominant growing distrust for sharing data of any sort that is often open to cyber attacks and hackers.

It was just one finding identified in the Amadeus publish report on Thai travellers titled “The Journey of Me Insights:  What Thai Travellers want”. Read more

PATA Gold goes to C&K

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MUMBAI, 19 September 2017:  Cox & Kings (C&K), tagged the world’s oldest travel company, has won the prestigious Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award for its ‘Forever Young’ campaign in the Marketing  Social Media category.

The award ceremony held at The Parisian Macao recognised 31 outstanding entries that were selected by an international panel of experts.

Cox & King’s winning entry featured a promotion selling solo women travel to Thailand. Read more

Many shades of Asia

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SINGAPORE, 17 August 2017: Asia Pacific recognised as the world’s largest travel market, mainly due to the presence of China, presents the greatest opportunities for the global tourism industry to expand according to the latest Amadeus Journey of Me Insights study.

Considering that in China, the world’s leading outbound market, less than 9% of the population own a passport, this makes the Asia Pacific traveller a force to be reckoned with – one that presents the greatest opportunity for the travel industry, but also many challenges.

According to Amadeus Asia Pacific president, Albert Pozo, “there is no traveller today quite as important as the Asia Pacific traveller. Yet the irony is that even as we talk about the ‘Asia Pacific traveller’ – it doesn’t exist Read more

First 24 hours count

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NEW YORK, 19 July 2017: The latest research from reveals 46% of travellers believe the first 24 hours of a vacation sets the tone for the rest of the trip.

While ‘traditional’ activities like unpacking bags (63%) and exploring accommodation (60%) top the priority agenda, travellers are increasingly tech orientated, or taking a selfie.

On arrival at a destination they take a picture for social media (27%) and going online to check restaurant reviews (26%) also ranked high. Read more

US asks for social media IDs

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WASHINGTON, 6 June 2017: The United States has begun asking some would-be visitors applying for visas to provide their identities on social media, among other more vigorous screening methods.

A State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP new security procedures had gone into effect last week for travellers deemed to present a risk.

The plan has already raised the concerns of civil liberties advocates, who fear travellers who pose no terrorist threat may be stigmatised for their political or religious views. Read more

Cheapskates irritate Thais

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BANGKOK, 8 May 2017: Perhaps it was a storm in a teacup, but social media pundits were having a go last week at Western tourists who travel Thailand without dipping into their own wallets. It’s almost a competition to see who can travel the furthest and longest on charity.

Hardly something to brag about, especially on your Facebook pages, but some couldn’t resist the temptation and the bragging rights that go with zero-dollar travel.

Apart from irate Thais who thought the freeloaders should be deported, the entire concept of travel on the cheap flies in the face of Thai government’s policies and ambitions for tourism. Read more

Another US airline faces media storm

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WASHINGTON, 24 April 2017: Less than two weeks after United Airlines prompted a public relations crisis for dragging a passenger from his seat on a fully-booked flight, rival American Airlines is being buffeted by its own controversy.

The airline said on Saturday it is investigating video of a flight attendant angrily confronting a passenger who had come to the defence of a sobbing woman with a baby in her arms.

The viral video, filmed by another passenger, shows a distraught mother carrying her baby boarding the plane moments after the flight attendant had apparently forcibly taken a stroller from her, with other passengers registering shock. Read more

Belated apology from United

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CHICAGO, 12 April 2017: The chief executive of embattled United Airlines unequivocally apologised Tuesday for an incident in which a passenger was dragged off a plane, promising a thorough review of the airline’s practices.

The apology came amid a torrent of criticism of the carrier’s actions on a Sunday flight and its initial explanations.

In images now seen worldwide, a passenger was forcefully removed and bloodied in the process — the entire event captured on video by passengers and posted on social media. Read more

Thais ready for solo travel

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BANGKOK, 27 March 2017: Thai travellers turn to social media to research and share their travel experiences, while solo travel is growing starting with road trip adventures, according to recent research.

Released last week, the study interviewed 500 Thais, during 11 to 30 January, this year, to explore the travel intentions of Thai travellers. It concluded social media was the driver that inspired first-time travel experiences in 2017.

The finding showed that 62% of Thai respondents are planning to travel solo for the first time this year. This contrasts with the traditional view that Thais prefer group and family travel mainly to deal with perceived deficiencies in foreign language skills Read more

US extends its social media checks

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BANGKOK, 27 February 2017: Social media is now the latest tool to vet travellers applying for a visa to visit the US.

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a notice, last week, confirming the Department of Homeland Security would extend its social-media vetting to include for the first time Chinese visitors.

Chinese US visa applicants will be asked to provide the names of their social-media accounts in their visa application. Read more

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