Hong Kong hotels enjoy revenue growth

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LONDON, 12 October 2017: Despite a supply growth of 3.1% in rooms, Hong Kong hotels enjoyed their first  RevPAR increase for the month of September since 2013.

RevPAR, or revenue per available room, grew 4.5% to HKD1,84.03  for Hong Kong’s hotels.

STR issued what it calls  preliminary data for September, Wednesday,  that showed hotels in Hong Kong have seen rate-driven performance growth. Read more

Singapore’s hotel rates down

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LONDON, 14 September 2017; Singapore’s hotels continued to enjoy occupancy growth in August, but at lower rates, STR’s preliminary August data revealed.

Based on daily data for August, Singapore reported year-over-year comparisons that showed room supply had increased by 1.5% and consumer demand grew 3.2%

Singapore hotels enjoyed an average occupancy growth of 1.7% to reach 85.9% across total room capacity. Read more

Asia Pacific hotels achieve gains

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LONDON, 25 August 2017: Hotels in the Asia Pacific region reported positive results in three key performance metrics during July 2017, according to data from STR.

Asia Pacific hotels reported increases in occupancy of 3.8% to achieve an average of 74.4% across the region.

Average daily rate (ADR) improved 1.9% to USD97.67, while revenue per available room (RevPAR) improved 5.7% to USD72.66 Read more

More visitors fewer dollars

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SINGAPORE, 14 July 2017: Singapore’s hotels are enjoying higher occupancy in June, but it comes at the expense of average daily rate, according to the latest STR report.

STR’s preliminary June 2017 data for Singapore shows an increase in supply of 2.3% for the island state’s hotels, but demand for rooms also increased by 6.5%.

Based on daily data from June, the year-over-year comparisons showed occupancy improved 4.1% to 78.9% Read more

STR monitors Asia Pacific hotel trends

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LONDON, 24 February 2017: Hotels in the Asia Pacific region reported a moderate occupancy decline, but a strong rate growth in January 2017, according to the latest  data from STR.

Based on US dollar constant currency, year-over-year comparisons, for the Asia Pacific region, the average daily rate increased 4.6% to USD108.10.

Occupancy across the region declined 0.8% to 64.8% Read more

Soft January for Singapore hotels

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LONDON, 14 February 2017: Singapore hotels continue to suffer low occupancy levels caused by a strong supply growth in accommodation options, according to STR’s preliminary January  data.

Room supply grew by 3.9% in January, this year, continuing a trend that was evident in the last quarter of 2016.

In contrast demand for rooms increased by a marginal 0.6%. Read more

Thailand hotels make gains

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LONDON, 24 June 2015: Hotels in the Asia Pacific region experienced mixed year-over-year results in the three key performance metrics during May 2015 when reported in US dollars, according to data compiled by STR Global.

The region’s occupancy for May increased 1.4% to 68.1%. However, average daily rate in the Asia Pacific region dropped 6.9% to USD105.54, and its revenue per available room decreased 5.7% to USD71.84.

Performance by country varied significantly on a local-currency basis:

Read more

Singapore hotels enjoy December

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LONDON 16 January 2015: STR Global’s preliminary December 2014 data for Singapore indicates a slight uptick in the key performance measures of occupancy, average daily rate and revenue per available room.

Based on daily data in December, Singapore reported an increase in supply (+2.4%) and demand (+2.8%).

Hotels also reported a 0.4% increase in occupancy to 79.0%; a 0.5% increase in ADR to SGD301.33; and a 0.9% increase in RevPAR to SGD237.95. Read more