Bangkok’s best temples to visit in October

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BANGKOK, 3 October 2017: October marks the start of Thailand’s high season and most people visiting Thailand will stop for a few days in Bangkok.

Vsitors should be aware that during October the country will pay homage to the late King Bhumiphol Adulyadej. The state funeral will take place 24 to 29 October 2017 with the actual cremation on the 26 October.

This is an immensely important and sad occasion for all Thais and Bangkok is expecting a vast crowd of grieving citizens to view the cremation rites during this period. Read more

Grand Palace closed for ceremonies

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BANGKOK, 24 November 2016: Thailand’s Bureau of the Royal Household will close the Grand Palace, 1 to 2 December and 5 to 6 December.

According to the bureau, Thais and visitors will not be able to pay respects to the Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej  at the Grand Palace Throne Hall for two days, 1 to 2 December, as Royal merit-making ceremonies for the 50th day of the passing of the Late King are due to take place

The Grand Palace will reopen 3 to 4 December for visits and again on 7 December. Read more

Grand Palace guides start training

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BANGKOK, 14 November 2016: Thailand’s Department of Tourism is working with the Bureau of the Royal Household (BRH) to train 200 specialised tour guides to provide information for visitors to the Grand Palace.

The department deputy general director, Anan Wongbencharat, said the first 200 tour guides will be trained, this December. They will be working exclusively at the palace and temple courtyards.

“To comply with the new regulations of the BRH, the tourism department held discussions with the bureau about the tour route at the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha that has 16 designated narration points with a tour duration of 45 minutes.” Read more

Update on Grand Palace visits

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BANGKOK, 2 November, 2016: Bangkok’s Grand Palace reopened its doors to visitors, 1 November, but the Tourism Authority of Thailand reiterated its earlier message that visitors to the palace should wear appropriate and respectable attire.

The country is in the midst of mourning for the the Late His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who passed away 13 October and is lying in state in the Throne Hall of the Grand Palace.

Specific sections of the Grand Palace reopened to tourists, but officials are on duty to ensure that visitors comply with the dress code. Read more

Bangkok’s Grand Palace reopens

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BANGKOK, 31 October 2016: The Grand Palace will reopen its doors to visitors, 1 November, according to a statement released by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Due its status as a Royal Palace, all visitors are expected to dress respectfully.

Visitors are asked for their understanding and mindfulness during the country’s national mourning for the Late His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who passed away 13 October. Read more

Mourners pay respect at Grand Palace

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BANGKOK, 31 October 2016: Thousands of Thais streamed through gates of Bangkok’s Grand Palace at the weekend as the public was granted its first chance to enter the throne hall where the body of Late HM the King Bhumibol Adulyadej lies in state.

The Late HM the King, who died 13 October, age 88, was seen as the father of the nation by the people and an anchor of stability in a kingdom often rocked by political turmoil.

His passing has thrust the country into a year of official mourning, with many Thais wearing only black and white since his death and TV channels devoting hours of airtime to footage from his 70-year reign. Read more

Controls to ease Grand Palace congestion

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BANGKOK, 26 October 2016: Association of Thai Travel Agents suggests three measures to handle the number of visitors visiting the Grand Palace and Rattanakosin island area particularly Wat Phra Kaew (the Temple of the Emerald Buddha).

ATTA’s public relations spokesperson, Thongyoo Suphavittayakorn, said a management plan to control tourist flow was needed urgently.

“The Bureau of the Royal Household, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Ministry of Tourism and Sports and related sectors have discussed a revised plan for visiting the complex and a decision is likely within three months.” Read more

Grand Palace cleared of vendors

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BANGKOK, 26 October 2016 (NNT): Street vendors are banned from selling products in areas around the Grand Palace, to reduce traffic congestion, while authorities report they have stepped up security and have added more CCTVs.

Bangkok Deputy Governor, Amnuay Nimmano, disclosed that the Joint Administration Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order has asked street vendors to move away from the immediate vicinity of the Grand Palace.

Municipal authorities will strictly patrol the areas and violators will be immediately prosecuted, he said. Read more

Thailand enters one year mourning

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BANGKOK, 14 October 2016: An official mourning period of one year effective today, 14 October, has been declared in Thailand following the passing of the country’s beloved late HM the King, 13 October.

Travel companies are informing their clients that visitors to the country should recognise the sensitive situation and respect the feelings of Thai people who are grieving  unparalleled loss.

The late HM the King, age 88, ninth monarch in the Chakri dynasty, ruled the country for seven decades since 1946 and was the world’s longest reigning monarch.  Read more

Grand Palace makes world list

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BANGKOK, 21 June 2016: Bangkok’s Grand Palace outpaces the Eiffel Tower, Egypt’s Great Pyramids and Rome’s Colosseum to make the list of the World’s 50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions, according to leading travel magazine, Travel+Leisure.

Based on the gate count, Bangkok’s Grand Palace draws 8 million visitors a year making it the eighth most visited attraction in Asia and 40th in the magazine’s world’s top 50 list.

“A listing among the World’s 50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions illustrates how Bangkok’s iconic Grand Palace continues to inspire and appeal to international visitors,” said Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Governor, Yuthasak Supasorn. Read more