Best days to book flights?

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BELLEVUE, Washington, 14 December 2017: Expedia and ARC unlock tips on how to save money on travel even including the best days to book flights.

Expedia and ARC, an air travel intelligence and commerce platform, released the findings of the fourth annual ARC Air Travel Outlook Report, Wednesday.

Expedia and ARC experts analyzed flight data, drawing on billions of data points for domestic and international air travel globally to identify patterns travellers can use to secure airfare savings in 2018. Read more

Expedia: Travel by generation gaps

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BANGKOK, 24 November 2017: Travel trends in European markets gain an airing in the latest Expedia Group’s research with a focus on travel to Southeast Asia.

Including,, and other leading online travel brands, the Expedia insights reveal the multi-generational travel habits of European travellers booking travel in Southeast Asia.

European travellers are considered highly valuable as they book way in advance and tend to stay longer when compared to the average traveller. Read more

Business travel: How to rein in rogue bookers

October 30, 2017 by  

BELLEVUE, Washington, USA, 30 October 2017: Rogue bookings, or business travellers booking outside of their travel programme parameters, remain a major issue for companies, a recent study* by Egencia, the business travel arm of the Expedia group.

While 60% of companies have a travel policy in place, more than half of the business travellers surveyed still ignored the company’s travel policy, and a full 46% for their hotel bookings, the 4th edition Egencia Business Travel and Technology Survey stated.

Egencia is a travel management tool that allows business travellers to make their own bookings that have been fine-tuned to adhere a company’s travel policy. Read more

Tour East taps Expedia channel

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BANGKOK, 16 October 2017: Tour East has gained access to Expedia Local Expert’s programme reaching out to more than 1 million Expedia customers visiting Phuket and Bangkok to offer them in-destination services.

Expedia signed an agreement with Tour East Thailand, earlier this month, that creates a partnership with the inbound tour company and allows it to sell tours and transfers, ultimately in all major tourist destinations in Thailand,

It’s the first agreement of its kind outside of the US where Expedia launched its “Local Experts” programme in 2013 that acts as a concierge for travellers booked through Expedia. Read more

Travel tech going places

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BANGKOK, 23 August 2017: Bigger shifts in how people book travel will occur over the next five years due increased mobile penetration in Asia, according to Expedia Asia Pacific’s Head of Marketing and Channel Strategy, Gabriel Garcia.

Garcia was commenting on the power of technology in the online travel industry space, sharing Expedia’s view on key factors and trending shape the travel business.

Trending highlights Read more

Expedia beefs up hotel support

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BANGKOK, 21 August 2017 – Expedia  launched its Rev+ tool in Thailand this week for hotel partners.

As part its partner portal, Expedia PartnerCentral, helps helps hotels to manage their online rates better and gain insights on their competitive set.

Its Rev+ tool covers revenue management by providing actionable data to empower partners to make smart decisions to optimise their revenue. Read more

Expedia locks in Traveloka

August 2, 2017 by  
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JAKARTA, 2 August 2017: Expedia Inc has invested USD350 million Traveloka Holding Limited, a leading Southeast Asian online travel company.

The deal was concluded over the weekend with Expedia describing it as a “primary minority investment” in Traveloka to deepen cooperation on global hotel supply.

Over the course of Traveloka’s last two funding rounds, East Ventures, Hillhouse Capital Group, and Sequoia Capital also contributed funding, bringing the total investment amount to approximately USD500 million within the last year. Read more

Expedia removes wildlife bookings

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BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, 26 July 2017: Elephant rides, swimming with dolphins and getting pally with drugged tigers are heading for the exit as major travel websites remove interactive wildlife bookings from their inventory.

Travelocity was the first to pull the plug on interactive wildlife bookings and by late last week Expedia followed.

Expedia announced that it is withdrawing bookings for some wildlife activities immediately and will make a full review of all activities linked to wildlife based on guidance from wildlife protection groups. Read more

Package your stay is the way to go

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BANGKOK, 19 July 2017: Packages are emerging as a popular option on hotel booking websites extending the booking options for consumers to create their own customised travel experience.

Expedia Lodging Partner Services, Thailand director, Pimpawee Nopakitgumjorn, told TTR Weekly that packages combining hotels, airfares and car rental, offer valuable benefits for both hotels and consumers.

The latest Expedia  inbound data for 2016, shows more consumers are booking hotels and other travel essentials using the online booking space. Read more

Asia cities draw US and UK tourists

June 27, 2017 by  

BANGKOK, 27 June 2017: Asian cities are gaining in popularity with tourists from the United States and the United Kingdom, according to that reported increased bookings from these two markets during the summer.

The report based on data from the first quarter of 2017 showed bookings for June to August increased when compared with trends monitored last year.

Cities in China and India are key destinations for US travellers this summer. The most popular mainland China cities are Beijing and Shanghai, with Hong Kong also in the mix. Read more

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