Loong heads for Nha Trang

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HANOI, 29 November 2017: A Chinese airline specialising in tour package travel, Loong Airlines, will launch a new route to Vietnam on Wednesday.

The flight will originate in Beijing with a stop in Xi’an before flying to Cam Ranh International Airport 30 km from Nha Trang.

The flight using an Airbus 320 will cater to Chinese holiday makers who travel on pre-paid packages sold by Chinese tour operators. Read more

Gay Chinese flock to Thailand

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PHUKET, 15 November 2017: Bathed in a pink spotlight, the cabaret singer at Phuket’s ZAG bar lip-syncs the top notes of a popular Mandarin love song, delighting the crowd of gay Chinese tourists who have escaped judgement at home for sexual freedom in Thailand.

While the song, “The Moon Represents My Heart”, is a hit with the patrons, the transgender singer is just the warm up act.

“We’re waiting for the go-go boys!” says one Chinese reveller at ZAG, one of several clubs squeezed into “Paradise Complex” — the epicentre of the raucous gay nightlife scene on the party-hard island. Read more

Chinese tourist robbed as they shop

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PARIS,  14 November 2017: Leon Chen looks frazzled as he shepherds a group of Chinese tourists through the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris, past stands stacked with luxury bags, perfume, jewellery and caviar.

As a guide, he knows all too well that cash-flush visitors lugging bags of valuables are easy prey for muggers and pickpockets.

“It’s happened many times. The last two groups I had were robbed in this store,” he said, recounting how unseen predators made off with bags momentarily left on the floor by their owners. Read more

Rakhine in the throes of land grab?

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BANGKOK, 29 September 2017: Battered by global outrage over an army crackdown on Rohingya Muslims, Myanmar has found comfort in an old friend – China, an Asian superpower whose unflinching support is tied to the billions it has lavished on ports, gas and oil in violence-hit Rakhine state.

Close to half a million Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh in the last month after a militant attack sparked a vicious military campaign that the UN has called “ethnic cleansing”.

China — which is expected to speak later Thursday at a UN Security Council meeting on the crisis — has fallen out of step with much of the world in condemning the army-led crackdown. Read more

Alipay and STB improve travel content

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HANGZHOU, 27 September 2017: Alipay, a popular online and mobile payment platform for Chinese tourists, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU​​​​​) with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to improve content and information for Chinese tourists.

Under the MOU, Alipay and STB will cross-share relevant content about Singapore on both Alipay’s platforms and STB’s Tourism Information and Services Hub (TIH)[1].

This aims to increase exposure for Singapore’s offerings from various tourism businesses and provide Chinese tourists better information access before and during their trips to Singapore. Read more

Phuket limits buses on hillside road

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PHUKET, 20 September 2017: Phuket authorities are banning tour buses of 21 seats, or more, from driving over Patong Hill during peak hours.

Authorities were installing signs, Tuesday, on both sides of the hilly road that leads to Patong Bay. The road descends in a series of hairpin bends for around 3 to 4 km.

The signs ban buses from driving over the hill from 0600 to 0900 in the morning and 1600 to 2300 in the evening. Read more

Chinese flock to the USA

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BANGKOK, 24 August 2017; If there any doubts where Chinese travellers are going these days, the latest study from Hotels.com tracks the trip trends.

Some of the findings are surprising for those who marvel at the queues of Chinese passing through Thailand’s gateway airports.

According to Hotels.com’s Chinese International Travel Monitor (CITM) the USA was the second most popular long-haul destination for Chinese travellers in 2016, behind France. But while both destinations topped the long-haul destinations, Asia-Pacific’s popular destinations gobbled up the numbers to stay top of the pile, globally. Read more

Phuket’s safety needs review

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PHUKET, 15 August 2017: Phuket hoteliers have enough on their mind worrying about the massive increase in new hotels rooms just over the horizon, but there is more to fret about if you have a hotel on Patong Bay.

Hoteliers fear Chinese tour operators might take their tour groups to other beaches on the island to avoid the risky bus transfers to Patong Bay.

Three serious tour bus accidents occurred over the last six weeks on a hilly road that climbs a forested ridge and then drops down in a series of hairpin bends to the popular resort. Read more

Are Thailand’s tour buses safe

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PHUKET, 9 August 2017: Thailand’s horrifically poor record for road safety was highlighted again when a tour bus carrying 25 Chinese tourists careered off a hilly road in Phuket and almost plunged down a steep mountain slope, late Sunday evening.

The accident occurred near Patong beach close to the scene of two other earlier accidents that occurred 11 July and 30 June.

The latest accident follows reports in the travel trade that Chinese tour operators have cancelled hotel allotments at some hotels in Patong Bay saying they would not risk transferring their guests over the hilly road that leads to the bay. Read more

Chinese copped for Hitler salute

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BERLIN, 7 August 2017: Two Chinese tourists were detained in Berlin for making the straight-armed Hitler salute for photos in front of the Reichstag parliament building, a police spokeswoman said on Sunday.

The holidaymakers were spotted by officers, who were on a routine patrol, Saturday, as they snapped smartphone pictures of each other posing with the banned gesture outside the historic landmark in the heart of the German capital.

“A probe on suspicion of using the symbols of anti-constitutional organisations was opened against the two Chinese men, aged 36 and 49,” the spokeswoman told AFP. Read more

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