Elephant kills its handler

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VICTORIA FALLS, ZIMBABWE, 26 July 2017: An elephant that gave tourist rides in the Zimbabwean town of Victoria Falls trampled his professional handler to death, the local tour operators’ association said Tuesday.

Enock Kufandanda, 50, was killed on Saturday by a bull elephant called “Mbanje” (“marijuana” in the local Shona language).

Parks and wildlife authority rangers shot and killed the elephant, reported to be about 30 years old, soon after it charged and killed Kufandanda. Read more

Aid workers hit by USD10,000 visas

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JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN, 13 March 2017: International aid agencies on Saturday slammed South Sudan’s decision to raise foreign worker visa fees to as much as USD10,000 (9,300 euros), warning it would worsen a humanitarian crisis in the famine-hit country.

“The government and the army have largely contributed to the humanitarian situation,” said Elizabeth Deng of Amnesty International.

“And now, they want to create profit from the crisis they have created.” Read more

Kenya Airways CEO resigns

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NAIROBI, 28 November 2016: Kenya Airways announced, late last week, the resignation of its chief executive officer, a move demanded by pilots complaining of mismanagement at the troubled airline.

CEO Mbuvi Ngunze will step down in the first quarter of 2017. His resignation follows that of chairman Dennis Awori only last month.

“While I regret this decision, I respect his position,” said the airline’s new chairman, Michael Joseph. Read more

Kenya Airways averts strike

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NAIROBI, 18 October 2016: Pilots at troubled Kenya Airways put threatened strike action on hold, Monday, saying they had received government assurances that it would listen to grievances concerning management.

The Kenya Airlines Pilots Association (Kalpa) said it had decided to defer any industrial action in order to allow for more talks.

“We have received credible assurance from the Government that there is certain change coming to the top leadership of Kenya Airways,” Kalpa said without elaborating further. Read more

Nigerian airline grounded

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LAGOS, 14 September 2016: Thousands of passengers across Africa have been left stranded after Nigeria’s largest airline said Tuesday it had suspended operations and might remain grounded for several days.

Arik Air attributed the “temporary disruption” to “pending approval of aircraft documentation related to insurance renewal… a challenge due to the long weekend holidays” for the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha.

Two other Nigerian carriers, Aero and First Nation, also suspended flights this month. Read more

Kenya Airways suffers record loss

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NAIROBI, 8 August 2016: When Kenya Airways published the country’s worst-ever corporate results last month, the scale of the loss revealed the effects of several disastrous decisions that the national carrier is struggling to reverse.

The airline’s “Pride of Africa” slogan rang uncomfortably hollow when the 26.22-billion-shilling (USD259-million) loss was announced, driven by higher borrowing costs and unfavourable exchange rates.

Kenya Airways, founded in 1977 following the demise of East African Airways, was considered a cash cow just a decade ago, but is now floundering, said independent analyst Aly-Khan Satchu. Read more

Tunisa moves to end travel bans

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LONDON, 22 July 2015: A delegation of Tunisian politicians visited London Monday, urging Britain’s government to reverse advice to tourists against visiting Tunisia following the beach hotel attack near Sousse that killed 38.

Tunisia’s tourism and transport ministers and speaker of parliament held meetings at the Foreign Office and with the speaker of Britain’s House of Commons while offering condolences to the families of victims, 30 of whom were British.

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond met Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid in Brussels, where EU ministers promised to boost political and economist support for Tunisia.

Read more

Tunis gunman worked in tourism

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TUNIS, 6 July 2015: The Tunisian gunman behind the 26 June attack at a resort that killed 38 foreigners had worked in the tourism industry, Prime Minister Habib Essid said in an interview published Sunday.

“We know he was a member of a dance club and was familiar with the tourism sector, having worked in it as an events organiser,” Essid told the French-language newspaper La Presse.

Tourists fled in horror as 23-year-old Seifeddine Rezgui pulled a Kalashnikov assault rifle from inside a furled beach umbrella and went on a shooting spree outside a five-star hotel.

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Tunisia arms tourist police

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PARIS, 29 June 2015: Tunisia said Sunday it would arm tourist police and deploy hundreds of reinforcements as authorities moved to boost security after a jihadist gunned down 38 people at a seaside resort.

There were similar attacks in France and Kuwait to coincide with the start of Ramadan a fasting month.

In Tunisia, police on horseback and quad bikes patrolled the beach at Port El Kantaoui north of Sousse where the worst jihadist attack in Tunisia’s history took place on Friday.

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Africa’s airline travel ready for take off

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PARIS, 28 May 2015: Africa has long been the El Dorado just over the horizon for airlines, but sustained economic growth and the emergence of a middle class on the continent may finally clear the obstacles from the runway.

“Today, Africa accounts for just a small portion of global air traffic: less than 3% of passengers when it has 15% of the world’s population,” said Bertrand Mouly-Aigrot, an air transport expert at Archery Strategy Consulting.

“Thus… there is considerable development potential,” he added.

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