IndiGo doubles flights to Phuket

DELHI, 24 May 2024: IndiGo will boost flights on the Delhi-Phuket route effective this June in response to Thailand’s extension of visa-free stays for Indian citizens until 11 November. 

Starting 1 June, the low-cost airline will double the number of flights from seven to 14 per week on the popular route from the Indian capital to Phuket, Thailand’s best-known tourist island. Doubling the flight frequency with morning and evening departures offers Indian travellers more flexibility and convenience when planning a trip to Phuket.

Thailand recently extended the visa-free entry concession for both Indian and Taiwanese citizens, which allows for a 30-day stay until 11 May.

IndiGo Head of Global Sales Vinay Malhotra said: “We are pleased to add new flights on the Delhi-Phuket route, taking our frequencies from the current seven to 14 a week. These are in addition to our daily flights from Delhi to Bangkok.

Airfares on the Delhi-Phuket route are very competitive. Air India, a full-service airline, offers daily flights on an A320 with 161 seats. IndiGo matches Air India with daily flights using an A320 with 181 seats. It increases to 14 flights a week starting 1 June.

Here’s a general idea of what you can expect to pay for a round-trip flight from Delhi to Phuket:

Fares on budget airlines start around INR8,981 (THB3,580).
Full-service airlines quote fares starting around INR13,989 (THB5,590).

You can find the cheapest fares by searching for weekday flights, flying during the off-season ( from May to October), and booking your tickets well in advance. Check out Skyscanner, MakeMyTrip or Expedia.

Online travel agency fares average USD454 between January and May, but the average fare drops from May to October. The lowest average fare is USD269 in August, rising steadily to USD308 by early November.

Thailand is one of the most popular Asian destinations for Indian travellers, mainly because of its spectacular beaches, shopping, and entertainment. Bangkok and Phuket are the top drawcards, followed by Pattaya, 120 km southeast of Bangkok, and Krabi, on the mainland, around 90 km from Phuket Island. 


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