KUCHING, 22 January 2024: Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) participated in the MATKA Nordic Fair, the most significant travel industry fair in Northern Europe and the Baltic region, last week at the Messukeskus Helsinki Exhibition and Convention in Finland.

STB’s participation in MATKA 2024 was part of a collaborative effort with Tourism Malaysia (TM) to strengthen Sarawak’s presence in the Nordic market as STB seizes an opportunity to build stronger networking with potential travel industry collaborators from Finland and nearby countries in Europe. 

Insightful briefing on the Sarawak Delta Geopark by Maurice Balang, Director of Marketing (Europe, Oceania, North Asia) at a collaborative Networking Session with tourism industry partners in Helsinki, Finland, during MATKA Nordic Travel Fair 2024.

STB’s partnership with TM aligns with STB’s efforts to promote Sarawak as a premier destination for Nordic travellers seeking authentic culture, adventure, nature, food and festival experiences. 

In 2023, Sarawak recorded a growth rate of 145% in visitor arrivals from the Nordic region compared to the year 2022. With more innovative and bolder marketing approaches in 2024 via its expansion strategy, Sarawak hopes to see a further increase in Nordic travellers visiting Sarawak. 

Visitors to Sarawak’s booth at MATKA 2024 enjoyed cultural dance performances accompanied by traditional ethnic musical instruments such as the Sape and the nose flute. A tree bark art demonstration will also showcase Sarawak’s rich cultural heritage, art, and musical traditions.

On show the collaborative spirit between Sarawak Tourism and esteemed tourism industry partners from Nordic countries. This memorable moment follows a successful Networking Session jointly organised with Tourism Malaysia at the MATKA Nordic Travel Fair 2024.

As the biggest region in Malaysia with a low-density population of 2.9 million people (as of 2020), Sarawak is proud of its natural heritage of pristine rainforests, endemic flora and fauna, and its multicultural peoples. Located in Borneo, the third largest island in the world, the rich land of Sarawak is host to a kaleidoscope of cultures made up of 34 ethnic groups, with a rich and diverse ecosystem for adventurers to explore. 

Today, many tourist destinations have adopted the principles of responsible tourism in their management and tourism practices, and Sarawak is no exception. Taking environmental issues seriously, Sarawak tourism players incorporate elements of sustainable waste management, energy conservation, and environmental education into their tours to ensure travellers can contribute to the conservation of Sarawak’s attractions for generations to come. Visitors to Sarawak can experience the local authentic Sarawak lifestyle by staying in community-based homestays or enjoying the modern and scenic landscapes of its cities.

Sarawak Tourism Board


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