BUSAN, 21 August 2013: A “Unique Venue” by definition is special and distinctive. It is more than just a meeting venue a convention center, hotel, or other conventional MICE venue because it offers exclusive features and represents the city or country in which it is located. 

Event planners typically choose a venue based on the theme or purpose of the event, and many planners prefer Unique Venues over hotels and convention centers because they offer a special atmosphere and come with their own special stories.

In Korea, there are many Unique Venues that perfectly convey the charms of Korea. The Korean government recognizes the value of Unique Venues in sharing Korea’s traditions, culture, art, sports, pastimes, pop culture, nature, and other assets with the rest of the world and is always on the lookout for new Unique Venues. Currently, there are 52 venues that have been officially recognized as the Unique Venues of Korea.

Busan Adds to List of Korea Unique Venues in 2023

Source: Busan X the Sky, P.ark

This year, Busan’s Busan X the Sky and P.ark were selected as Korea Unique Venues, which are recognized as the best MICE venues in Korea. In addition to being named a 2023 Korea Unique Venue, Busan X the Sky, an observatory that overlooks downtown Busan and Haeundae Beach, was also named one of the 100 Must-Visit Tourist Spots of Korea for 2023. P.ark, a cultural complex that is ideal for exhibitions and other cultural events, was rated as the top spot among all of this year’s new Korea Unique Venues. Both Unique Venues get their main identity from the ocean and have been officially recognized by the Korean government for their infinite potential as MICE venues.

Busan’s Unique Venues

Source: Busan Tourism Organization, Museum 1

In addition to Busan X the Sky and P.ark, the other Korea Unique Venues in Busan are Busan Cinema Center, Nurimaru APEC House, and Museum 1. Busan Cinema Center features an outdoor theater and indoor exhibition spaces designed for performances and film-related events. Above the outdoor theater and plaza is a sprawling, double-wide roof that comes to life every night with LED lights, a stunning spectacle for which the Busan Cinema Center is famous. Nurimaru APEC House, where the APEC Summit 2005 took place, is an international conference center surrounded by the natural scenic beauty of Haeundae Beach. Museum 1 is a modern art museum famous for its media art installations that place visitors right at the center of a vortex alive with color and motion.

The Unique Venues of Busan strike a harmonious balance between city and nature and represent the city’s unique identity. They embody the beauty and charms of Busan and leave MICE event visitors with lasting memories of the region. Busan’s Unique Venues and advanced MICE infrastructure make the city the ideal location for all kinds of MICE events and are ready and waiting for event planners to reach out.

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Source: Busan Tourism Organisation