KOTA KINABALU, 24 November 2022: Sabah will host the 12th Asian Bird Fair (ABF) in Kota Kinabalu during October 2023, the organisers announced on Monday.

Attending the ‘handover dinner’ of the 11th ABF held in Suncheon, Korea, earlier this week:Tay Shu Lan, deputy chief executive officer of marketing Sabah Tourism Board and Roger Rajah of the Sabah Birdwatchers Association.

Seen here left to right:

Jang Hong Sang
Chief Director, The Center of Suncheonman Bay Management

Park Sung Bong
CEO, Eco-Tourism Suncheon

Tay Shu Lan
Deputy CEO marketing Sabah Tourism Board

Roger Rajah
Sabah Birdwatchers Association

Asian Bird Fair Executive Committee members:  Andrew Sebastian,  Victor Yu and Michael Lu

The Asian Bird Fair (ABF) protects birds and their habitats and encourages birdwatching and other ecotourism activities. It was initiated by three passionate birdwatchers, Michael Lu (Philippines), Victor Yu (Taiwan) and Andrew Sebastian (Malaysia). They are the executive committee and founders of the ABF Network. The network is supported and endorsed by six founding organisations: Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Malaysian Nature Society, Nature Society (Singapore), Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, Wild Bird Society of Taipei and the Chinese Wild Bird Federation.

The Asian Bird Fair Network (ABF) was formed at Malaysia’s Raptor Watch 2010, with signatories committing to jointly promote each other’s bird events. Up until the Covid-19 disruptions, the six founding organisations took turns hosting the ABF, starting with the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (Davao, 2010), Chinese Wild Bird Federation (Tainan, 2011), Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (Bangpoo, 2012), The Wild Bird Society of Taipei (Taipei, 2013), Malaysian Nature Society (Langkawi, 2014), and Nature Society Singapore (Singapore, 2015.) ABF 2016 returned to China hosted by CunCaoXin Rural Environment Protection Promotion Association, Jingshan County, Hubei Province. ABF 2017 was hosted by Taehwa River Ecotourism in Ulsan, Korea and in 2018, the event was hosted by Ecotourism Taiwan in Chiayi, Taiwan. ABF 2019 was hosted by the Ecotourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY) in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Visit: www.sabahtourism.com.

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