Etihad partners with Rassure

SYDNEY,  22 August 2022: Etihad has selected Rassure, a revenue rescue service provider based in Sydney, to automate its sales audit process fully.

The airline says the collaboration will boost revenue more than possible through legacy, semi-automated service providers. By recovering revenues with high levels of accuracy in short turnaround times, it should positively impact cash flow. As a special feature, this “out of the box” tool enables Etihad to rerun the audit at will, simulating various “What if” scenarios to inform strategic business decisions.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, technology-based evolution is at the core of our recovery and future development strategy. The RAX platform represents a step-change in discovering lost revenue,” said Etihad Aviation Group  VP of financial reporting & control Kelly Schroeder.

Rassure is a company based out of Sydney that delivers actionable insights to airline executives on distribution, fares and surcharges.