BUSAN, 22 August 2022: Korea has recently successfully propelled the satellite launch rocket Nuri and the lunar probe Danuri in succession. Based on these achievements, the country is securing a stronger global standing academically and technologically in terms of space science.

Korea is also being recognised for its ability to attract relevant MICE events. In particular, Busan was the venue for not only the 2022 International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly but was also selected as the host city for the 2024 Committee on Space Research (COSPAR). With the world’s largest space science academic events taking place in Busan, it has become possible to not only revitalize its MICE and tourism-related industries but also showcase Busan’s potential as a science and technology hub and MICE city.

IAUGA 2022 Successfully Held in Busan

Source: Busan Tourism Organisation

In 2015, Korea won the honor of hosting the 31st International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly over the candidates of South Africa, Chile, and Canada. After a series of unfortunate delays due to COVID-19, this major scientific event finally took place in Busan.

The theme of this year’s General Assembly, which took place for 10 days and opened on August 2 at BEXCO in Busan, was “Astronomy for All”. It was structured not just as an academic meeting of specialists, but also as a science culture event for the general public. On August 6 and 7, public lectures on “next-generation astronomy” were held at the Busan National Science Museum. On August 9, various experiential activities were held at the BEXCO outdoor plaza, such as the Star Party where participants observed the sun during the day and the stars at night.

By hosting the 31st IAU General Assembly, which become a valuable forum for mutual exchange in the field of astronomy, Busan has clearly engraved itself in the hearts of visitors as a seaside MICE city where bright city life and nature coexist.

Busan Secures Hosting of COSPAR 2024!

Source: Busan Tourism Organisation

Meanwhile, the 45th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, the world’s largest symposium on space science, is set to take place in Busan in 2024. This assembly will be held at BEXCO from July 13 to 21, 2024, under the theme of “Team Spirit in Space Research”. In addition to diverse invitational lectures and academic presentations, assorted public events such as the “Space Film Festival” and “Meetings with Space Scientists” are being planned as well. As a part of the preparations to hold this assembly successfully, a team from the Busan Tourism Organization attended the 44th Assembly held in Athens, Greece, last July and networked with key specialists and officials. Hosting COSPAR 2024 will be an excellent opportunity to showcase Busan as a city of science and technology to space researchers and officials around the world, including NASA.

By being selected to host such large-scale space science events, Busan is being acknowledged as a MICE city that possesses the infrastructure and resources to successfully conduct wide-ranging academic exchanges.

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